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Navigating the Information Flow with PinToMind
Publisert 08.09.2023 av Favo

In the heart of the bustling city of Gothenburg in Sweden, by the harbour, you’ll find Maritiman - a museum where ten exciting and unique historic vessels await your exploration! At Maritiman, they actively utilize PinToMind, ensuring that information flows well too. 😉 We had the privilege of getting a tour! Join us for a visit!

We're Cheering on Volunteering!
Publisert 31.08.2023 av Favo

Every day lots of people contribute significantly to their local communities through voluntary efforts. This is something we wholeheartedly support at PinToMind! Therefore, we’re incredibly happy about the newly extended sponsorship agreement we’ve made with a local sports club in Norway! 🎉

7 tips for updated screens at the start of a new school year
Publisert 10.08.2023 av Favo

Starting up after the summer is the perfect time to review, update and renew the content of your digital notice boards and check that everything is in order! Here we help you get started with a simple process of 7 steps, and at the very end you will find an exciting offer for those of you who really want to start the autumn with brand new looking screens!

We wish you a wonderful summer!
Publisert 22.06.2023 av Favo

Summer is here! This little video is our summer greeting to you. Enjoy and embrace the little things that bring you joy! 🤗 Best wishes for the summer from the PinToMind Team.

No longer possible to display Twitter
Publisert 16.06.2023 av Favo

Twitter has changed its policy on who gets access to retrieve news from them. We have been waiting and hoping for the longest time that they would turn around, but now, unfortunately, access for us to display updates from them is closed.

Always updated with PinToMind Go
Publisert 07.06.2023 av Favo

Did you know that PinToMind has a mobile solution that all customers can use for no extra charge? PinToMind Go gives you a practical little version of your digital notice board right there in your pocket. 📲 Read further if you haven’t quite discovered Go yet, or if you need some help to get going.

With PinToMind Go you can let the information go straight into the pocket of your target group. Get started today!

Two-factor login and updated terms
Publisert 01.06.2023 av Favo

Now you can choose to activate Two-factor authentication for login at PinToMind! It significantly increases the security of your account. At the same time, we have updated our Data Processing Agreement with a new sub-data supplier, Sveve, which we now use to send SMSes with one-time codes.

10 tips for content for information screens
Publisert 24.05.2023 av Favo

Do you use digital notice boards, or are you considering whether this is something for you and your business? Here you can find 10 tips for engaging and useful content that you can communicate quickly and efficiently with an information screen.

An information screen at a shopping mall which displays the new opening hours. Photo.

Ugoos – gives new life to old screens
Publisert 08.05.2023 av Favo

When purchasing new screens we recommend that you choose screens that are meant to be used for digital signage. However, if you already have a screen, and would like to continue using this one, we have a solution for you. This is good for both your budget and the environment. ♻️ 😊 By using Ugoos, you can give new life to old screens! 💫

Bring life to your digital notice boards with PinToMind!
Publisert 27.04.2023 av Favo

Tired of the black screen in the hallway, reception or meeting room? Read here about how Merete Vårvik Matre brought life to the screens in the vibrant and creative work environment at AutoStore.

A digital notice board - smartly positioned in one of the social zones in the premises of AutoStore in Nedre Vats, Norway.

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