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  • New weather forecast display (simple daily view)
  • Option to change the size of the clock in clock posts
  • Switched service from Elastic to AppSignal for analysis of performance and errors


  • Support for streaming directly from YouTube
  • A variety of new icons and emojis have been added
  • Fixed issues with refresh on Power BI posts
  • It’s now possible to give posts custom names for use in post lists instead of titles
  • More options for the reference line in news posts


Single Sign-On

We have launched Single Sign-On (SSO) with support for Microsoft Entra, general SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect solutions.

Please note that SSO needs to be enabled per PinToMind Account or Network, and to get started, the Account Owner should contact us at


  • Improved PDF uploading functionality
  • Various bug fixes


New features in Clock Posts

Display small excerpts from resources in one or several corners of the Clock Post. Choose a resource or create a new one for a duty phone, Wi-Fi code, etc., or display a QR Code simply by inserting a link.

New options for Weather Icons

You can now select from various Weather Forecast Icons when customising a theme.

View the actual size of areas

Support for viewing the actual size of areas in the selected layout is added. You can find this feature by clicking the new “ruler button” when previewing a post or a channel.


  • Option to remove text-shadow on image themes.
  • Improved display of tables in Text and Image Posts on screens and in Go.
  • Implemented the ability to change and move media boxes in Text and Image Posts.
  • Promo Posts for Go now have a QR Code option. Can be turned off in the post settings.
  • The option to select a workspace in the Power BI Integration has been added.
  • “Invoice” and “Theme” has been added under History on the Account Page.



A new system for integrations is now available. Under Library, you will find a dedicated collection called Integrations.

We’ve prepared integrations for Power BI, SharePoint (calendar and news), Microsoft (calendar), Facebook, and Instagram. And Google (calendar), released in hotfix on January 25, 2024.


Themes can now be set for all channels in the network from the network account if members have accepted that the network can publish to channels.


We are now sending emails to all registered contact persons (not only the top one on the list).

Other Changes

  • Editors can view and edit their own resources in the Library.
  • Channel sharing will not be deleted if a channel is deleted.
  • Support for multiple images in ticker for text and image posts.
  • Removed support for importing from Classic for posts from X, Facebook, and Instagram.


  • Removed the user roles “Channel Host” and “Post Editor” and created new user role “Editor”
  • Fixed bug that prevented a user with limited access from previewing channel


  • Copy channel via network has been updated with new functionality
  • New network permission added, that controls whether the network can have writing access to members’ account cards
  • Network owners can now view their account card
  • More streamlined navigation between accounts and network on the account card


The beta-period for PinToMind3 is over, Master/Minion is replaced by the new Network and some other updates.

The beta-period for PinToMind3 is over

  • Now all accounts can test our new version, PinToMind 3. 🎉 The contact person on the account starts the transition, and can invite other users by giving them a user role in PinToMind 3. If you as a user do not have rights to start the transition, you are informed to contact the contact person.
  • In PinToMind 3, we now have a menu item for “Transfer from Classic”. This makes it easier to transfer resources, images and devices from Classic.
  • Physical devices (screens) from Classic must be transferred one by one. We are now more clear with help if something needs to be done with hardware. You also get the opportunity to give the connected physical unit a separate name in the process.

Master/Minion is replaced by the new Network

  • All previous Master accounts have now been given a network of the same name. Previous Minion accounts have been added as members of the network.
  • New is that you can have networks created from all types of accounts. You no longer need to have a separate account for a network, as was required with Master.For a new network you must have an active account that follows a regular payment plan as a starting point, otherwise network as functionality is free.
  • All new networks must be created by support, please contact us if this is applicable.
  • As a network owner, you get insight into your network with dashboards, reports and tools. The most important thing now is that you can see which of your members are using PinToMind 3, and whether there is hardware in the network that needs follow-up to be able to use PinToMind 3.
  • We have created some Dashboards that the network owner can customize themselves as needed and according to what they have rights to see.
  • It is possible to set up reports in the network based on various parameters that the network owner wants.
  • As customers, you no longer need to contact support to set up a new account in a network. Everything can be done via an invitation link.
    • If the recipient does not have an account, he can create a new trial account via the link.
    • If you have an account, you can apply for membership in the network via the link.
    • If desired, the membership may also have to be approved by the network owner.
    • The network owner can also create a new account in the network directly from the “+” in the sidebar on the left, without logging out first. Then he does not need to approve the membership.
  • In PinToMind Classic most things work as before. What is new is that the network owner (formerly Master) cannot go directly into an account for a Minion/member account. They must confirm that they want to enter, and are told that access will be logged.

Other things that are new

  • Full screen has long been possible on all types of posts. We have now made it easier to set a post to be displayed in full screen on all channels, just by pressing one button. This has been added to post types that are typically displayed in full screen (like Video, Album/Image and Youtube).
  • Calendar. It is now possible to change the text size of a calendar. It is set to be slightly larger than before as default. If you choose 200%, the text becomes huge and can be read from a long distance. What comes over several lines also breaks better.
  • Improvements have been made in how to insert photos into albums.
  • We have added tabs for “+ New Channel”.
  • Various bug fixes.

2023-11-07 - Electricity price

  • We have made a major update to our post for electricity prices and opened up the Price of electricity post for all customers in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
  • We created price ranges as a resource for the individual countries, to be able to easily choose the price range you belong to.
  • In addition to the graph itself, it is also possible to select individual widgets that appear below the graph.
  • Choice of VAT to be included or not.
  • The graph has been changed to display steps instead of curves, since the price is the same for one hour at a time. The Y-axis is also more dynamic than before. The current hour is highlighted.


  • Some visual changes around inserting resources into a post. The goal is to make it a little easier to reuse resources.
  • It is now possible to search by location in the world clock post instead of choosing a time zone. These places can also be reused in the weather post.
  • We have added a toolbar with simple formatting options in the extra text field for posts in PinToMind Go.
  • New calendar features
    • Support for splitting multi-day events into multiple events so that it becomes clearer that they last over several days.
    • Option to show calendar name as a label on the events.
    • Various bug fixes.
  • Instagram: PinToMind Classic users get back only one image per post, PinToMind 3 users can choose whether they want to show one or all of the images.
  • Stability improvements for those who have experienced screens not updating in recent weeks.


  • Big release with the launch of Network. Will be presented in more detail on our website in connection with the official launch of PinToMind 3.
  • Full screen display possible for all posts.
  • The customer has the option to close access to the account for support.
  • We are introducing logging of access to accounts for support etc.
  • Fixed copy and paste and drag and drop for images in the text & image-post
  • Instagram
    • Shows all images (even if there are several in one post).
    • It is indicated in the display when a post is a video.
  • Firmware upgrade is now available via the user interface (Tizen/Samsung and webOS/LG).
  • Swipe in most lists to be able to delete etc., in the user interface on mobile.
  • Automatic deletion of resources, images and channels that have been deleted for more than 15 days.
  • Space for more letters in the account name abbreviation that shows in the side bar.
  • Ability to sort and mark accounts as favorites for membership on multiple accounts.


  • PinToMind 3 Beta is now standard when registering new accounts
  • Fixed a few bugs with video in PinToMind 3
  • Screens from Samsung with SSSP10 will still need newest firmware to work
  • Added support for 10 posts from Instagram / Facebook
  • Removed option to create new Twitter posts
  • Fixed sorting of posts to be sent correctly to screen


  • We have had to remove support for Twitter. Twitter has changed its policy on who gets access to retrieve news from them. We have been waiting and hoping for the longest time that they would turn around, but now, unfortunately, access for us to display updates from them is closed.
  • Fixed correct number of characters in password hint text.
  • Linguistic changes in 2FA.
  • Updated Facebook API from v10 to v17.
  • General bug fixes.


  • Solved problem where “Remember me” when logging in didn’t work.
  • Solved problem where to press channels in the side panel on iPad didn’t work.
  • Possibility for two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Small text adjustments around 2FA.
  • Updated version on Samsung Tizen app to version 2.2.0.
  • Customers who until now have had the discontinued price-plan Pro: When changing the number of screens, these are moved over * to price-plan Large.
  • Updating of firmware on Tizen via app posted for internal testing.
  • Fixed drag-and-drop for devices that have both touch input and mouse input.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Unsplash images from being used as backgrounds on themes.
  • Added support for auto-sizing Unsplash images.

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