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Suggestions for hardware

To display your PinToMind content, you need a screen that can display a browser. We do not sell hardware, and you are free to buy from your local hardware provider.


Samsung SMART Signage

We recommend Samsung SMART Signage with SSSP and Tizen, which has everything you need built into the screen! After an easy startup guide, you are up and running. We and many of our customers use these screens; - they are easy to use and work well over time.
See recommended Samsung models

Hardware you already have

If you already have a screen with a built-in browser, or a screen and a PC, this can often be used. We have set-up-guides to help you get started on Windows, Chrome OS and Android. In general, we are sceptical to smart-tvs, but if you already have this, you should test it, and possibly add a PC.

Extend lifetime of Samsung screens with set-back box

Selected screens from Samsung can be renewed with a so-called set-back-box, a device which gets attached to the back of the screen. With this, you get the newest software (Tizen/SSSP), which is our best recommendation. Read more on Samsung's website.

It is also possible to buy a set-back-box not locked to Samsung’s screens. This is an elaborate process and something you would have to contact hardware reseller about, and they would contact Samsung.

Recommended hardware

We recommend displaying your PinToMind content on Samsung screens with SMART Signage Platform (SSSP) and Tizen. If you already have a screen, Chromebox is an option. See links below for different models and more information.

Samsung SMART Signage

Samsung QB43R
43 inch. UHD. 16/7 operation. Tizen 4.0 (SSSP6). Wi-fi.
Samsung QB49R
49 inch. UHD. 16/7 operation. Tizen 4.0 (SSSP6). Wi-fi.
Samsung QB55R
55 inch. UHD. 16/7 operation. Tizen 4.0 (SSSP6). Wi-fi.
Samsung QB65R
65 inch. UHD. 16/7 operation. Tizen 4.0 (SSSP6). Wi-fi.
Samsung QB75R
75 inch. UHD. 16/7 operation. Tizen 4.0 (SSSP6). Wi-fi.
Samsung SBB-SS08NL1
Set-back-box for upgrading models approved by Samsung.


Acer Chromebox CXI3
i3-8130U 4GB RAM 64GB SSD WiFi Google Chrome OS
Annual Google upgrade for Chrome OS, € 40 per device

Any questions?

Contact us, - we are happy to help! Picture of the PinToMind team