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Maritiman | The Maritime Experience Centre in Gothenburg

Navigating the information flow with PinToMind

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In the heart of the bustling city of Gothenburg in Sweden, by the harbour, you’ll find Maritiman - a museum where ten exciting and unique historic vessels await your exploration! At Maritiman, they actively utilize PinToMind, ensuring a smooth flow of information too. 😉 We had the privilege of getting a tour! Join us for a visit!

Scenic view of historic vessels docked at Maritiman

Navigating the Information Flow with PinToMind

Exciting exhibitions and fun activities

Emelie Leetma, Marketing Manager at Maritiman, is our friendly and welcoming guide this day.

– Our main attraction is HMS Småland, she says, directing our attention to the massive ship that stands out among the vessels that make up the floating museum.

Emelie Leetma, Marketing Manager at Maritiman, standing on the deck of HMS Småland. Photo.

Emelie Leetma, Marketing Manager at Maritiman, standing on the deck of the gigant HMS Småland.

– But there’s something here for everyone, she smiles.

In the dock area around HMS Småland, there’s a submarine, a couple of tugboats, a lightship, a fireboat, and several more ships, each with captivating histories.

We quickly realize that Maritiman is just as much an adventure centre as it is a museum. You’ll find varied daily programs with exciting exhibitions and entertaining activities, and visitors are encouraged to climb, test, and explore.

Multiple screens with targeted communication

At the entrance, an outdoor information screen welcomes us with information like opening hours, prices, events, and the menu at the museum’s café, Matrosen.

An outdoor information screen at the entrance of Maritiman. Photo.

An outdoor information screen at the entrance of Maritiman, displaying current information for the public.

– We have five information screens here at Maritiman, Emelie says, explaining how they use each of them for specific communication purposes.

Stylish integration in the rustic setting

As you step aboard the old, venerable ferry Dan Broström, you enter the museum’s foyer. Here, you can purchase tickets, explore the souvenir shop, and, most importantly, enjoy delicious food at the café, all in an atmosphere dripping with maritime charm.

And take a look at how seamlessly they’ve integrated the information screen on the front wall into the rustic ambiance!

This screen showcases the menu, the day’s schedule, and upcoming events. It also promotes Maritiman’s concept for children’s birthday parties, which has become incredibly popular.

Photo from Maritiman's maritime entrance and café. An information screen on the wall is integrated in a way that emphasizes the rustic style.

The information screen blends nicely into the maritime and rustic ambiance of the Matrosen café.

Information for those on the go

Emelie points out that while they’d love to display everything, they’ve learned that an excess of information can be overwhelming.

– We believe the content on the screens should be concise, and easy to digest for people on the move, she explains.

Efficient internal communication

Information screens are also found in the staff’s rooms at Maritiman, and these are used for internal purposes.

– They provide quick access to the day’s activities, which is their primary function, Emelie says.

Photo from Maritiman's staff room, where an information screen is mounted on the wall.

Getting an overview is quick and easy with a glance at the information screen on the wall in the staff's room.

She enthusiastically mentions how they’ve also adopted the PinToMind Go mobile app as a simple intranet.

The content they publish in PinToMind Go is primarily serving the guide and event staff, enabling them to stay informed about today’s bookings, schedules, activities, and responsibilities, regardless of where they are on the premises.

Simple, flexible, and user-friendly

Emelie has found PinToMind to be an excellent tool for daily communication work at Maritiman. She mentions they’ve experimented with more customized systems before, but PinToMind’s flexibility truly stands out.

She adds: – Everything is incredibly user-friendly, too. You don’t need to be a tech expert to handle it.

Photo of Emelie Leetma, Marketing Manager at Maritiman, sitting at her desk, working with PinToMind from a PC.

Emelie is grateful to have found such a simple and straightforward solution as PinToMind for her daily communication work.

Regarding practical features, she highlights the ability to set time scheduling for every post.

– And lastly, we’ve found PinToMind to be a remarkably cost-effective solution, she concludes.

Key takeaways

We believe Emelie and her team are effectively utilizing PinToMind by:

✔ Distributing information across multiple screens

✔ Sharing varied information, but not too much at a time

✔ Using the mobile app PinToMind Go as a super-easy intranet

These are great tips for anyone managing information screens.

And: Exploring this one-of-a-kind museum concept was a memorable experience for us. 🤩 If you’re considering a trip to Gothenburg, we wholeheartedly recommend visiting Maritiman!

A big thank you to Maritiman and Emelie! ✨😊

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