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7 great reasons to use Digital Signage

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Are you tired of dealing with cluttered and outdated bulletin boards, tattered posters on walls, information getting lost in the sea of emails, or finding that important messages never reach their audience? If so, a Digital Signage Solution might be just what you need!

Wall mounted information screen in hospital waiting area.


Digital Signage - What, Why, and How

Digital signage is a broad term that usually refers to technology utilised to display various content on electronic screens.

Our approach to Digital Signage is PinToMind: a user-friendly, web-based tool specifically designed to enhance the daily information flow in all kinds of businesses and organisations. Think of it as a digital bulletin board: an elegant yet easy way to manage and display current news, announcements, and other captivating content on wall-mounted screens.

In this article, discover seven sigificant advantages of Digital Signage, with a special focus on what we like to refer to as Digital Notice Boards or Information Screens:

1️⃣ Life is easier when everyone knows what’s going on

Whether it’s visitors waiting in the reception area or employees seeking information about today’s agenda - digital signage allows you to easily share a wide array of information, from the latest news and handy tips to important reminders.

Digital notice boards are adaptable to various settings and audiences. You’ll find that the possibilities are vast.

A collage of two images, the first showing a digital bulletin board in a student cafeteria, and the second showing the same content in the PinToMind Go App on a mobile device.


Additionally, with our mobile app, PinToMind Go, your audience can receive all updates directly on the device they check most frequently throughout the day.

As we often say, “Life is easier when everyone knows what’s going on” - wouldn’t you agree?

2️⃣ Capture attention

Screens naturally attract our gaze, making them exceptionally effective for communicating messages and disseminating crucial information.

A digital notice board in a shopping center, with a passerby.


Combining text with images is a particularly potent strategy for sharing information and messages on screens. Recognizing this, we provide direct access to thousands of royalty-free images from Unsplash for all your text and image posts.

Uploading your own images to your account’s library is also straightforward, allowing you to use or reuse them as needed.

Moreover, our extensive selection of large emojis and icons has become exceedingly popular for adding some colour (and fun), and not least for their ability to attract attention.

3 screen images from the PinToMind user interface showing how to create posts with images from Unsplash, posts with large emojis, and posts with large icons.


3️⃣ Create engagement and build community

Digital signage empowers you to not only share knowledge and information but also to nurture engagement and a sense of community.

For instance, information screens serve as ideal channels for sharing good news, celebrating birthdays, reminiscing about enjoyable communal events, or promoting the launch of a new product. Such posts contribute to enthusiasm and a positive atmosphere.

Additionally, consider the impact of countdowns on upcoming events and milestones. Our countdown feature boosts anticipation and engagement and is a popular post. Image with a digital bulletin board displaying a countdown post in a office landscape lunch area.


4️⃣ Information screens are stylish and functional

Information screens represent the modern, sleek, and functional evolution of traditional bulletin boards - ideal for receptions, meeting rooms, cafeterias, or any desired location.

Achieving a professional and stylish appearance for your screens is easy with our selection of ready-made themes and flexible layouts. Utilize them as is or tailor them to your preferences. Additionally, you have the option to upload and showcase your logo.

Design expertise isn’t necessary for content creation either. We offer a variety of ready-made templates for different types of posts, ensuring they always look great. It couldn’t be easier!

Graphics showing an overview of different post templates you can choose from with PinToMind.


5️⃣ Always relevant and up-to-date

Might you be thinking, “Not another platform to update,” while envisioning the bulletin board cluttered with outdated notices, or the company blog that’s been dormant since last year?

We totally understand! That’s why we’re excited to share that one of the standout advantages of digital signage is its ease of updating.

A key reason for this is the preference for brevity in messages displayed on digital notice boards, which lessens the demand of time and effort for content creation.

With PinToMind, you’ll also have great options for Smart Scheduling for posts right at your fingertips, ensuring the display of only the most current and relevant information.

Moreover, our integrations with popular services such as Microsoft and Google Calendars, Power BI, SharePoint, Facebook, and Instagram allow PinToMind to automatically retrieve and showcase the latest content from these platforms.

Graphics showing icons for services PinToMind has direct integrations with: Power BI, Google and Microsoft calendars, SharePoint, Facebook, and Instagram.


6️⃣ Save time

Sharing information can be a time-consuming task. That’s precisely why having the right tools at your disposal is essential.

One of the main reasons so many opt for our solution is its usability, irrespective of one’s prior knowledge or technical skills. We’ve made it easy for everyone to achieve success right from the start, which is a genuine time-saver!

As is the fact that PinToMind is a dependable solution, operating seamlessly without downtime or errors.

A woman managing her digital signage with PinToMind from a PC.


PinToMind is also remarkably accessible, as you can manage everything from a browser on your mobile, tablet, or PC.

Collaboration is great for efficient management and content creation. That’s why all our subscriptions include unlimited user access. Add users and give full access or differentiate based on roles.

And here’s a nice bonus: PinToMind is incredibly fast, reflecting changes on your screens the instant you hit save.

7️⃣ A worthwhile investment

In other words, a digital signage solution is something from which you’ll reap significant benefits, and with our subscription plans, it’s an affordable investment, too. If you have screens already, there’s a good chance you can use them - we support a wide range of hardware.

Hallway in an office with a digital signage screen on the wall


Experience our Digital Signage Solution firsthand!

To allow you to see and understand the potential of Digital Signage with PinToMind for you and your business, we provide a 30-Day Free Trail with no commitment and immediate access to all functionality.

Note: There’s no need to provide credit card information to get started, and you can decide on a subscription plan later - if you choose to activate your account after the free trial period.

Don’t have any screens yet?

If you haven’t acquired the equipment yet, don’t let that hinder you from exploring our solution. It will do for a great start to test everything, including previews of your screens, in the browser on your computer.

Any questions?

On our support pages you’ll find useful guides and articles on any topics you might be curious about. And, feel free to reach out to us at support. We’re here to assist you!

Screenshots showing the same content on a PinToMind digital signage screen and in the PinToMind Go mobile app.


Any questions?

Contact us! - we're happy to help!

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