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Support for PinToMind

Why so many choose PinToMind

- Because it is genuinely simple, neat and professional, because anyone can use it, you get great customer service and the price is very reasonable - are some of the answers our customers give. Below we have compiled some of the comments we have received.

Userfriendly system

The fact that the program is so easy to use, makes it possible for more people to share the task of updating the content of the digital bulletin boards.

PinToMind is a powerful, user friendly and affordable solution to our corporate screen signage needs. Setup is a breeze even for those without technical or design experience. Eurico Roberto, Quintessential Brands

This no longer needs to be something that only an IT-manager can take care of - PinToMind is a solution that anyone easily can learn to update themselves.

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Can update from anywhere

The fact that this is a web based service where everyhing happens through the internet, enables you to update the content from anywhere, anytime. Øystein Hauge, senior advisor at Norwegian Correctional Care wrote that PinToMind meets their requirements:

  • the service is web-based (read: the production is not dependent on place)
  • more people can use it (within a not too complicated publishing-model)
  • the price is ok compared to competitors Øystein Hauge, Norwegian Correctional Care

Good customer service

Good customer service and a reasonable price are some of the reasons why more and more people choose PinToMind. It is often worth it to use a ready made and well working program, rather than trying to make a digital bulletin board program all by yourself.

You have a very good product which you also support really well. I am quite convinced that you have the best support in the world :-) Rickard Nordin, Härnösands Senior High School
We chose PinToMind because it is easy to use, is reasonable priced and I got quick and good answers for my support-questions. Anders Olofsson, Hudoteket AB

We do not have the resources to spend much time on digital signage. After having tested your system, we see that we manage to add the information we want easily and efficiently. Børre Thorkildsen, Ålesund adult education center