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Calendar Updated 2023-04-27

Tired of the black screen in the hallway, reception or meeting room? Discover how Merete Vårvik Matre brought life to the screens in the vibrant and creative work environment at AutoStore.

Two persons engage in conversation near a digital notice board within one of the social areas at AutoStore's premises in Nedre Vats, Norway. Photography.

A digital notice board - positioned smartly in one of the social zones in the premises of AutoStore in Nedre Vats, Norway.

Limitations of a busy work life

– Initially, we thought that a system for digtial notice boards was something we would fix ourselves - we are after all an innovative tech company, Merete says with a smile.

– However, given our fast-paced environment, we soon found ourselves faced with nothing but black screens, she says, winking. - Who has the time to take on an extra project in an already hectic work day?

That was when PinToMind* came to her mind.

Can be used by anyone!

Merete had some prior knowledge of PinToMind and was aware of our commitment to prioritizing user-friendliness.

– I soon recognized that this was the solution we were seeking, she says.

– With PinToMind, we acquired a pre-built solution that anyone could easily use. It facilitated a more dynamic flow of content that updated automatically, bringing our information screens to life in a way we hadn’t experienced before.

World-success from a Norwegian fjord

Merete warmly welcomes us on a crisp spring morning in Nedre Vats. In this small village at the heart of a beautiful western fjord in Norway, the headquarters of AutoStore is located.

This is where the journey began for what has now evolved into a robust international technology company, renowned for its sought-after storage solution with global demand.

A portrait of Merete Vårvik Matre, Director of people & Community in AutoStore. Photography.

Merete Vårvik Matre, Director of people & Community in AutoStore

Digital notice boards in stylish premises

Merete guides us through the chic office spaces, showcasing strategically placed information screens in key areas such as the reception, social zones, and office spaces.

Stylish moss wall - with integrated information screen!

Stylish moss wall - with integrated information screen. Photography.

Additionally, we get the opportunity to explore the expansive demonstration hall, where a digital bulletin board catches our attention in the comfortable seating area at the entrance.

Pleasant sitting area in the demonstration hall, with a digital notice board showing the latest news from AutoStore.

Pleasant sitting area in the demonstration hall, with a digital notice board showing the latest news from AutoStore. Photography.

Compact, robot-controlled storage

Deeper within the hall, robots move swiftly across an intriguing test and demo facility. Below them lies a compact warehouse designed with cubes. These robots ensure that the most requested goods are easily accessible, and Merete demonstrates how they efficiently retrieve the right items at the right time.

This efficient, robot-controlled storage system is AutoStore’s flagship - and a global success! The company has experienced enormous growth, and at the time of writing it has over 900 employees in departments in 15 countries. They also have employees who work remotely from another three countries where they do not have their own department yet.

Photograph showcasing a spacious demo area featuring a demonstration model of AutoStore's efficient cube storage system.

This demo model of AutoStore's efficient cube storage system is used for testing, demonstration and training.

Easy intranet solution with PinToMind

– We’ve expanded significantly, and having a unified channel for information is crucial in fostering a sense of unity, says Merete.

She sees PinToMind as a simple intranet platform where it is easy to share up-to-date staff information.

– In addition, we use PinToMind as a channel for internal marketing. This has become increasingly important to us with the growth we have experienced in recent years, she emphasizes.

Collaborative content management

When she created the PinToMind-account, she promptly enlisted additional users.

– I recognized the importance of having multiple contributors to ensure the information screens are updated and optimized, she explains.

And according to Merete, new users get started in no time. She believes this is the key to why PinToMind is working so well for them.

– The beauty of PinToMind is its accessibility; you don’t need a programming degree to share content. It’s user-friendly and has breathed life into our screens, she adds enthusiastically.

A digital bulletin board in the open office landscape in AutoStore's department in Haugesund. Photography.

A digital bulletin board in the open office landscape in AutoStore's department in Haugesund.

Explore PinToMind

Want to breathe new life into your screens too?

Try PinToMind for free for 30 days! It is a great opportunity to figure out if this is something for you. You can explore everything with no commitment, and you’ll gain immediate access to all features.

And if you don’t have screens yet but are interested in a digital notice board solution?

Give PinToMind a try anyway! Testing our software on your own PC can provide valuable insights.

Connecting with our customers

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to AutoStore for hosting us. Connecting with our customers is always inspiring and motivating. It’s a valuable opportunity to witness firsthand how PinToMind is utilized in various contexts.

If you have any questions or need advice, please feel free to reach out! We are here for you!

*PinToMind is called Infoskjermen in Norway.

Any questions?

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