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10 Content Creation Tips for information screens

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*Do you use digital notice boards, or are you considering whether this is something for you and your business? Explore our ten essential tips for crafting engaging and impactful content designed for swift and effective communication through information screens.

An information screen at a shopping mall which displays the new opening hours. Photo.

A digital notice board is ideal for short, little messages, tips and other relevant information.

1️⃣ Messages

An information screen is a great format for short, little messages in the everyday. Life is easier when everyone knows what’s going on, right?

PinToMind was made precisely so that you can share messages, tips, invitations, reminders and other information in an instant! 🙌

2️⃣ Calendars

Calendar-posts are smart and effective for letting people know what’s happening! PinToMind can retrieve content automatically from Google, Outlook, iCloud calendars and more.

Such content is continually renewed with events added to the calendar, and always stays current and up-to-date. 💫

3️⃣ Time

Whether you’re sitting in the waiting room, reception, meeting room, break room - or whizzing past the screen in the hallway - it’s great to be able to keep track of time by just glancing up.

Woman sitting in a meeting room. Looking up at an information screen at the wall. Photo.

A little glance up to keep track of time.

4️⃣ Count-down

Looking forward to something together is nice. Maybe that’s the reason why our count-down post is so popular.

Insert a time that you want to count down to, e.g. a trip, the opening of a new building or something else that is coming up. The count-down post will display how much time is left until the event in question.

– A great way to look forward to something and create anticipation. 😎

5️⃣ Weather forecasts

The weather forecast is a pleasant and engaging eye-catcher on any digital notice board - “everyone” is interested in and likes to talk about the weather!

We support integrated weather forecast from, which enables you to always have an updated weather forecast displayed on the screen. You can easily enter your own location, as well as other locations if you so wish, and display both local weather forecast and possibly how the weather is elsewhere.

Man sitting in hotel lobby. Looking at an information screen displaying weather forecast. Photo.

The weather forecast is a nice and engaging eye-catcher on a digital notice board.

6️⃣ News

Current news is content that many people want to stay on top of. Subscribe to an RSS feed from one or more news channels and keep people updated on the latest news.

7️⃣ Images

Display photos from great shared experiences! It helps building and bonding, and can become a start for many good conversations.

Or post other current photos that help spread information about anything from company history to products and services.

The information screen is used to spread joy in the workplace by sharing events, photos and the like - it contributes to community and a good working environment.

Susanne M. Roteigen
Nedre Hallingdal IKS
Quote mark

8️⃣ Menus

At the rheumatism hospital in Haugesund Today’s Menu is an important and popular post on all the digital notice boards. - Maybe the most popular?

Head chef Gro Håland shares that if she were to forget to publish Today’s Menu, it would quickly be in demand. 😉

The cafeteria staff stand by the information screen in the cafeteria at the Rheumatism hospital. Post displaying today's menu is showing on the screen. Photo.

At the rheumatism hostpital in Haugesund they are displaying Today's Menu on the information screens.

9️⃣ Congratulations

These are perfect if you use the digital notice board as an internal information channel.

A sweet birthday greeting on the information screen is a nice way to show and receive attention!

At the same time, the post is a reminder to everyone else to welcome the celebrant in a special way.

PinToMind is absolutely fantastic - informs colleagues quickly and efficiently. We use it for everything, including birthday greetings and happy news at school.

Marianne Aas
Atrå barne- og ungdomsskole
Quote mark

Four students at high school stand and talk in front of a digital notice board with a congratulations post. Photo.

A birthday greeting at a digital notice board is a nice way to show and receive attention.

🔟 Quotes

There are so many encouraging, good, beautiful, funny and inspirational quotes. ✨

“Word of wisdom” or “Quote of the week” is pleasant content that provides a nice variety in your posts.

Bonus tip: You can create many of these in advance, and save them as scheduled posts!

A common area in an open office solution, where a digital notice board is displaying a quote. Photo.

"Quote of the week" can be an interesting post on many information screens.

Do you use digital notice boards?

Which post type is your favourite? We would love to hear about that! 🙌 Feel free to send us a few words about what you like to use digital notice boards for!

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