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Tips for a pleasant new start

Publisert 04.08.2022 av Favo

Can’t you wait to get started again? 🀩 Or would you rather have a few more summer weeks? 🀯 Isn’t it strange how starting up after the summer feels almost like starting a new year? If the ideas are bubbling over, and you are ready as a child on Christmas Eve, or if the vacation felt too short, and the start a bit overwhelming: Here are tips from us for something we hope can contribute to a pleasant start at your workplace now after the summer break. πŸ₯°

Tips and good wishes for the summer

Publisert 07.07.2022 av Favo

Whether you have vacation or still are working, we hope you are enjoying the summer! Below we have gathered some tips for you so that both you and your audience will get as much joy as possible out of PinToMind during the summer. And we want to remind you that we have prepared a nice summer post to help you easily spread some summery feel-good! πŸ‘‡

Always updated with PinToMind Go

Publisert 23.06.2022 av Favo

Did you know that PinToMind has a mobile solution that all customers can use for no extra charge? PinToMind Go gives you a practical little version of your digital bulletin board right there in your pocket. πŸ“² Read further if you haven’t quite discovered Go yet, or if you need some help to get going. πŸ™Œ

With PinToMind Go you can let the information go straight into the pocket of your target group. Get started today!

Stylish, neat and efficient with PinToMind at your health institution

Publisert 12.05.2022 av Favo

A packed bulletin board. Notes and posters on walls, doors and columns. Folders, cards and brochures on tables and shelves. Can you relate? πŸ˜… Here are 7 reasons why PinToMind can be a neat, orderly and efficient alternative for better information flow in your health institution. πŸ‘‡


Fair in Stockholm - we meet again! πŸ™Œ

Publisert 26.04.2022 av Favo

We did not think it would be SO fun to meet people again! We have been to trade fairs in Sweden many times before, but this year it is simply a party to be able to be here! Finally! At the SETT fair, we started meeting interested and committed school people right from the beginning!

PinToMind at SETT

We love you 3000! 😍

Publisert 20.04.2022 av Favo

Have you seen it? The scene where Iron Man says to his little girl: β€œI love you tons” and the daughter answers β€œI love you 3000”. According to the child’s logic, 3000 is the largest number she can imagine. πŸ₯° A few years ago, 3000 was a large number for us from PinToMind to imagine too. But now we are there! – We have just passed 3000 customers! πŸ₯³

PinToMind at hospital:

Keeps staff and patients up to date

Publisert 06.04.2022 av Favo

In the bright and spacious foyer, there is a fire burning in the fireplace, and everywhere, small, thoughtful steps have been made to soften and create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. At the same time, the state-of-the-art Rheumatism Hospital in Haugesund is clean, tidy and orderly. Read below about how they actively use PinToMind as an information channel for both patients and staff, and at the same time as a tool to keep the order and clear line! βœ¨πŸ‘‡

Hospital foyer

Adjustment of the data processing agreement

Publisert 22.03.2022 av Favo

After publishing new terms in February, we have received some questions and comments about the data processing agreement. Thanks for the feedback - we are happy to have the opportunity to make this even better! We have now published an update of the terms, where the data processing agreement has been slightly adjusted. πŸ‘‡

Samaritans branches use PinToMind digital bulletin boards to inform volunteers

Publisert 17.03.2022 av Favo

Are you also involved in a volunteer organization? Volunteer efforts around the world contribute to an important difference in so many areas! ✨ We at PinToMind want to do our part to support and cheer on volunteering. πŸ™ŒΒ That is why we offer our very best price to the volunteer organizations. Below we let you get a little better acquainted with one of the organizations that use our product, while we also show how PinToMind has become a useful tool in their everyday lives. Get to know the British organization, Samaritans!πŸ‘‡


5 tips for spreading joy through the digital bulletin board

Publisert 03.03.2022 av Favo

Have you thought of the fact that a digital bulletin board can add to the joy and sense of community at your workplace? Among the feedback we receive from our customers, several people mention just this. We think using PinToMind this way, is such a great idea, that we want to inspire more people to do the same. Here are 5 suggestions for how to use your information screen to spread some joy in everyday life. πŸ‘‡πŸ˜Š

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