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PinToMind Player-app for Windows

Publisert 27.05.2021 av Favo

We wanted to make it even easier for those using Windows to display PinToMind, and have developed our own PinToMind Player app for Windows. It has now been launched and can be downloaded from the Windows Store to your device 🥳

Together in the final sprint

Publisert 06.05.2021 av Favo

We are nearing a more normal every day life! While we are rejoicing over this, we also know that the end might take longer than we would like. We would therefore like to keep offering free use of PinToMind in the fight against Covid-19, like we did about a year ago. We want to stand together also in the final sprint!

PinToMind Player-app for Android

Publisert 13.04.2021 av Favo

Do you have Android-based devices that you want to display PinToMind on? Then we have good news for you: We have launched the PinToMind Player-app, - also for Android devices 🤖

Weather forecast with new possibilities 🌖

Publisert 11.02.2021 av Favo

Now, there may not be many organisations that have a branch office on Everest, or who take a business trip there 🥶😅 But we think it’s pretty cool that you can now display weather forecasts from just about anywhere in the world, on your information screens 🙌

Better support for emojis on PinToMind

Publisert 01.02.2021 av Favo

Do you use emojis? Then we think you will like our news and tips below 🤩 We are active emoji users ourselves, and have good experience with the positive effects it provides for digital communication. We have now upgraded our emoji library to contain just about all types of emojis 🥳

PinToMind at Scandic Hotel

Publisert 05.11.2020 av Favo

At Hotel Scandic Maritim, they have found many different uses for their information screens. The hotel is idyllically located in Norwegian Haugesund, right by the sea, with unobstructed views of a charming, maritime environment. At the hotel entrance on the quay, a stylish screen is welcoming the guests, displaying the menu of the hotel restaurant and providing other relevant information to the visitors.

Welcome to the team, Georg and Jon Håvard!

Publisert 22.10.2020 av Favo

This autumn, the PinToMind team has been strengthened with two new employees. We are very happy to welcome Georg Skuggedal and Jon Håvard Gundersen to us!

Nine reasons to use information screens in the fight against Corona

Publisert 08.10.2020 av Favo

Keeping the important information on infection control and prevention up to date can be a challenge in many ways. Fortunately, there is very good information material available, but how can you and your company take advantage of this in a simple and effective way? And what about all the other things you need to convey in the form of messages and news? Many companies have recently experienced an enormous pressure around everything that needs to be announced. We present nine benefits of using information screens for information sharing.

PinToMind at traditional and quality-conscious cornerstone company

Publisert 06.10.2020 av Favo

There is full activity, at the Gilje window factory, an ordinary Friday in August. The manufacturing of windows in all stages of production is conducted at the many work stations. And in between wooden frames and window glass, paint and machines, the staff can with a quick glance at an information screen stay up to date with the latest news of the workplace.

ASUS Chromebit Auto Update Expiration

Publisert 23.09.2020 av Favo

Google reports that from November 2020, ASUS Chromebit will no longer be updated automatically, - the devices get what Google calls “Auto Update Expiration” (AUE).

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