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Help & FAQ for PinToMind

Can I become a reseller for PinToMind?


We offer commission for resellers who introduce new customers for PinToMind. The rate of the commission is 25 % of the subscription-price for the first three years (10 % of the Volunteer subscription).

You receive your payment by sending us an invoice for the commission after the customer has paid his invoice to us.

New customers create a regular trial accound, and after activating the account, they pay the invoice directly to us. When this is paid, we pay commission if the account is done through one of our resellers.

Connection between reseller and trial account

There are three ways to register a new account for it to be credited to a reseller:

No resale of large accounts

We do not allow resale of administration of screens and functionality from large accounts, for example if a reseller has a LARGE-account and resells access to screens to several smaller customers. All customers must have their own account, we do not want a collection of customer-accounts on a reseller’s account.

Get started

To start as a reseller, contact support@pintomind.com!