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Cookies on pintomind.com

The revised Electronic Communications Act came into force July 1st 2013, and has a new provision on conditions related to the storage of information in communications equipment - the so-called “cookie-clause”, cf. Electronic Communications Act § 2-7b.

Storage of information and processing this information, is not permitted unless the user is informed, and has consented to, which information is being processed, what the purpose of this process is, and who processes the information.

Below you will find information about pintomind.com’s use of cookies. By accessing and retrieving information and/or using services on our website, you agree that cookies are put in your browser - given that most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. If you do not accept our use of cookies, you can enter and withdraw your consent by changing your browser settings. However, please note that this may mean that the services of our website may not function properly for you.

How we use these cookies

If you log in to app.pintomind.com, the cookies will be stored in your browser for you to have the correct settings and access to the information you need while you are logged in. These cookies are individually attached to you and it is possible that your activity can be tracked. You can read more about this under terms of service.

More information

National communications authority (NKOM) is responsible to enforce the cookie paragraph. You can read more on their webpages.


We use privacy-focused Fathom to collect statistics about page-visits, without saving any personal or identifying data. You can select to turn this off with the switch below. We do this ourselves, so that our own traffic does not show in the statistics.

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