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Local ownership, central initiativ

Master is an additional account to spread information to departments that have their own accounts. In large organizations a combination between local accounts and a central Master can be convenient.

Local ownership for local screens

Local accounts, workshops, factories and others can create their own accounts with screens and users. They get a 30 day free trial, and after this they can select a price plan which suits them.

All accounts control themselves, have local users and display local information. In addition, the information that the headquarter’s Master-account publish, will be displayed.

“Headquarter feature” and central initiativ

The master account is the account for the headquarter; From the master-account one can spread common information to screens in the whole organization with few keystrokes. One can also adjust set-up and layout for all screens in the organization.

Free Master account without own screens

The Master-account is free - it works as a common feature for accounts that follow the regular price plans. It does not have its own screens, but can publish posts to screens to accounts connected to this Master account. There are no limitations on how many regular accounts you can connect to a Master account. You can combine Master with Flexi-accounts.

Get started!

  1. Create a new account without screens, and name the account something with Master.
  2. Contact us at support@pintomind.com and ask us to make this account a Master account.
  3. Administrators from the regular accounts need to contact us at support@pintomind.com to allow their accounts to be connected to the Master account.