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Flexi - large customer agreement

Flexi is a large customer agreement for municipalities and organizations with 20 or more public screens spread out on different accounts. If you are a part of a municipality or an organization with a Flexi-agreement, you can select Flexi when you activate your account.

New account in existing Flexi

Create free trial, and contact us to get your account opened for Flexi! Not sure if you have Flexi? Contact us, and we'll check!

Create new Flexi-agreement

Read on and then contact us, and we will make a plan for getting Flexi going for your organization. It is easier than you think!

One of the best things with Flexi, is that each location can manage their own PinToMind-account, and that they already from the first screen get access to all features, including PinToMind Go! With Flexi, all accounts get local ownership and engagement - which gives the best type of public screens!

Why choose Flexi?

Who can get Flexi?

Can be combined with a free Master-account

In addition to local accounts, a main office or head quarter can create a free Master-account to manage content and layout on several accounts at the same time!

All accounts manage themselves, have local administrators and users and display local information. In addition the information that the head quarter publishes, will also be displayed.

Questions? Contact us - and we will help you as soon as we can!