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Support for PinToMind

Volunteer Price Plan

Low price - full functionality

Our Volunteer price plan offers our lowest price, for charity non-profit and volunteer organisations who want to use PinToMind purely for its non-profit work and activities.

Who can use this?

Sports-clubs, congregations, scout groups etc. can use our Volunteer price plan. The same goes for larger non-profit organizations and units owned by these.

If you answered yes to the above, you are welcome to use our Volunteer-priceplan! 😊

Get started!

If you already have an acccount, you can contact us in order to change to the Volunteer price plan, and you will get an invoice for the coming year, with a deduction for the period that is left from your former invoice-period.


If you are already a customer at PinToMind, we cannot refund or discount payments made before your discount started.

We reserve the right to end the discount program due to abuse of the discounted accounts or other circumstances.

We cheer for education and PinToMind originally started as a product for educational institutions. Thus, all our prices are customed for schools and education, and these do not qualify for additional discount (Volunteer).

Can be combined with a Master-account

In addition to local accounts, a head-quarter could for example create a free MASTER-account in order to manage content and layout for several accounts at the same time!

All accounts manage themselves, have local administrators and display local information. In addition, they will display the information that the head-quarter’s Master-account publishes to their screens.