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Webinar - informal online course

Join us for about 15 minutes, and see how you can easily get started with PinToMind. Ask questions, or just watch what we are doing on the screen. :-)

Get started with PinToMind

WED OCT 3rd at 09.45

We create a free trial, make a text&image-post and a news-post, and we look at the screen-settings for layout and changing of background-image.


Next step with PinToMind

WED OCT 10th. at 09.45

We create a new screen, a calendar-post, an instagram-post and a facebook-post. All of these will automatically update themselves with new information via their links, and provide new and updated content for the screens. We send a user-invitation and look at user-access. In the end we look at how to start displaying a screen online.


Use PinToMind's full potential

WED OCT 17th at 09.45

We look at special features like being able to publish and unpublish from the first page. We make a text&image-post and we learn about scheduling, prioritizing of posts and duplication of posts. In the end we add our own logo and change the layout for the screen, so it becomes just right for the ones who will use it.


Get started with PinToMind Go

WED OCT 24th. at 09.45

We show you how to get started with the mobile app PinToMind Go, so that people can easily get the public screen content up on their own mobile phones and tablets. We make our own sharing-code and Promo-post for this, show you how to add extra information only for the users of this app, and how to send push-notifications when something new is published.


Not a customer yet?

No stress! You do not need to be a customer to participate, but feel free to create a free trial to get to know the product a little.

A free trial is a fitting room that gives you peace and quiet to see what fits for you. Everything is accessible from the very beginning, and you can try it on in the comfort of your own home.

Any questions?

Contact us, - we are happy to help!