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Professional-looking screens

We repeatedly hear that people choose PinToMind because it is userfriendly and because the screens look good and professional.

The reason we chose your system for our digital signage, is mainly because the system is so easy to use at the same time as the result is nice and professional. Andreas Cittlau, Christian Michelsen Research

Today 1400 different workplaces are using our Info TV Software to inform about what is important to them in a very easy way.


The fact that the system is so easy to use, enables more people to share the task of updating the screens.

I have tested your product, and find it very useful. I see that it is so easy to use that anyone could use this tool to convey information. Sveinung Pedersen, Nor Lines AS

This does not have to be something only the ICT-manager takes care of, - PinToMind is a system anyone easily can learn how to use.

Can update from anywhere

The fact that this is a service where everything happens through the internet, enables you to update from anywhere, anytime. Øystein Hauge, senior advisor at Hustad prison wrote that PinToMind fulfilled their demands:

  • the service is web-based (read: the production is not dependent on place)
  • more people can use it (within a not too complicated publishing-model)
  • the price is ok compared to competitors
Øystein Hauge, Hustad prison

We heard about a municipality which did a comparison between the different digital signage-services in Norway, and concluded with a recommendation of PinToMind! There are also positive feedbacks from people who see the public screens, which of course both the customer and we as providers rejoice over.

Good customer service

It is encouraging to get positive feedback from municipalities, - like here from Mari Mæland from Granvin Herad:

The reaction from our users within has been very positive, also the customers who visit are impressed, - it looks so professional :) In addition, the price is not bad, which means a lot for a poor little municipality... I have not had much contact with customer service, but what I have had, has been very positive. Mari Mæland, Granvin Herad

It pays to use PinToMind

When it comes to economy, it is interesting to notice that people in several ways sees that it actually pays to use PinToMind. They would simply use too much resources on digital signage if they were to it all themselves:

We do not have the resources to spend much time on digital signage. After having tested your system, we see that we manage to add the information we want easily and efficiently. Børre Thorkildsen, Ålesund adult education center

Inform like a pro

  • All you need is a web browser opened in fullscreen to display your infoscreen content
  • Be a master :sunglasses: at keeping everyone on the same page
  • Save time and energy (and :dollar: ) with our user friendly solution

Any questions?

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