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Help & FAQ for PinToMind

FLEXI-agreement for large customers

What is a FLEXI-agreement?

FLEXI is the priceplan for municipalities, corporations, organizations and procurement communities who want the individual units to have separate accounts within the FLEXI-agreement and who want each unit to be invoiced directly.

With FLEXI, all the accounts get an unlimited amount of users, they get the possibility to remove our watermark, and the price is only dependent on the amount of screens. The screen-price is fixed at £ 139 per screen per year.

If you already know of a Flexi-agreement which is relevant for you, you can select that one when you activate your account as a Flexi-account.

Who is eligible to get a FLEXI-agreement?

Our only demand is that the accounts that are connected to the agreement, together amount to more than 20 screens by the end of the first year. If this is not the case, we will be in contact with you, and the accounts will become regular accounts at the time of the next invoicing.

We also want the FLEXi-agreement to be marketed internally in the organization, so that the demand of 20 screens would be reached as soon as possible after the start of the agreement. We are available to help with this, for instance by sending an e-mail (that would be approved centrally by you) to units in the organization.

How to start a FLEXI-agreement?

Before units can choose this type of account, someone (for instance management, purchasing department or IT-departments) central in the organization must contact us to make an agreement. This is done by contacting us at

All units get a 30 day free trial when they open an account. As they choose to activate the account, they decide how many screens they need, and to where the invoice is to be sent. It is important that the units select the priceplan FLEXI, and state the name of the FLEXI-agreement. Each unit can upgrade according to need any time.

Written contract?

We do not have a written contract besides our terms which are applicable for all of our customers. The agreement can be ended any time, the units connected to it, will then be given the choice between continuing with a regular price-plan, or to end their account. For ending an account, the same terms are in place as for our other customers.