New Samsung-screens with Tizen

Publisert 06.12.2016 av Favo

Samsung is ahout to roll out the next generation of public screens. These use the operating system Tizen, which gives more power and is more user friendly. We have tested the screens and customized our solution to fit them.

Give the screen new life with Asus Chromebit

Publisert 24.11.2016 av Favo

Do you have a screen, but lack a PC for it? Or do you have a screen with Windows XP? Asus Chromebit is a small PC which can give new life to old screens. We have made our own player-app for Chromebit!

Display your Instagram-images - again

Publisert 30.09.2016 av Favo

Instagram is back on the public screens! We have published a possibility to make posts where you displays your own images from Instagram.

Text & image - our new default post

Publisert 23.08.2016 av Favo

It has never been easier to add an image and a few words! "Text and image" is our new default post! Add a nice image, select that it is to be displayed only today, and you are done! You do not need to think of it any more, and can move on with your day already!


Publisert 03.06.2016 av Favo

New policies from Instagram means we have to put the updating of images from this service on pause. It is not possible to add new posts, and old posts will only display images that were published before May 31st 2016.

Stick-PC with Windows from Asus

Publisert 23.05.2016 av Favo

«Asus PC Stick QM1» is a challenger to «Intel Compute Stick», which we have testet earlier. The differences are minimal, but we experience Asus as slightly stronger.

New colourful weathersymbols

Publisert 22.03.2016 av Favo

Now we have published an update which enables you to display great, new weather-symbols in colour.

Text + Image = ready for testing

Publisert 10.02.2016 av Favo

Now you can test our new post-type "Text & Image"! Welcome-greetings, congratulations or information become more enjoyable to read when there is an image connected to it. And maybe you also want to add a smiley?

Display Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Publisert 04.09.2015 av Favo

Now you can display images and news from Facebook-pages, in addition to Instagram and Twitter.

Get started easily with Samsung-screens

Publisert 10.08.2015 av Favo

We are excited about the new DB-E-screens from Samsung! The screens have a built-in browser, are not expensive, are designed to be used 16/7 - and not the least - they are very easy to use.

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