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Great days at school fair in Stockholm

Publisert 17.04.2019 av Favo

At the school fair SETT 2019, held at the Kista fair in Stockholm, Sweden, we had the pleasure of meeting many interested visitors and happy, existing customers. The SETT school fair is a real highlight of the year!

THANK YOU for your recommendations!
You are now 2000 customers!✨

Publisert 28.03.2019 av Favo

We have reached it! 2000 customers! 🎊 We would like to take this opportunity and THANK YOU, our customers, who besides choosing our information screen software, also recommend it so generously to others! We really value this, and for a period of time we would like to do this quite literally! Read more about our "Give 50 - Get 50"-campaign below!

Public screens on oil platforms

Publisert 19.03.2019 av Favo

Image-credit: Erlend Hatteberg / Equinor

- We are very happy! It is easy to use and quick to update. Everyone gets informed, because everyone sees the public screens! Kristian Enoksen can sit in his office in Bergen or be travelling anywhere, and can update the public screens at the oil-rigs Askepott and Askeladden in the Northern Sea. 😎🌊

Inform together

Publisert 07.03.2019 av Favo

You do not have to be alone! Share the task of managing your public screen, and you will have a more updated and interesting screen in less time!

Digital Signage - completely voluntarily

Publisert 27.02.2019 av Favo

Mike Karlson, administrative leader and responsible for graphics in the Pentecostal Church of Alingsås, Sweden, uses PinToMind's web based software solution for Digital Signage, as a quick and easy way to display information on the church information screens.

Volunteer - full functionality - lower price!

Publisert 20.02.2019 av Favo

We offer full functionality and lower price for volunteers! Sportsclubs, congregations, scouts and others can use our Volunteer price plan. Lower price and full functionality - including PinToMind Go!

Lower price for Flexi, - and launching of Large

Publisert 18.02.2019 av Favo

We are lowering the price of Flexi from € 160 to € 135 pr. screen / year. From the next invoice, the bill will be lower - without the customer having to do anything!

Increase attention towards your public screens

Publisert 14.02.2019 av Favo

Do you display varied content on your public screens? If you make use of different types of posts and change the layout and look of your public screens from time to time, this will increase the attention they get.

Opening for signal-splitter in certain cases

Publisert 28.01.2019 av Favo

We are now opening for use of a signal-splitter in certain cases where one has the screens located close together. This can for example be at information desks where one want to display the same information on several screens near each other.

Detailed notifications in PinToMind Go!

Publisert 22.01.2019 av Favo

Push-notifications in our mobile app, PinToMind Go, just got a lot better! Now the users of the app will get more details regarding what is new, already in the notification itself. And then they can click from the notification and straight to the new content in PinToMind Go.

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