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Display real-time public transport information on your screens

Publisert 29.01.2020 av Favo

You can display real-time public transport information, energy-reports or another webpage that is customized for public screens, on your PinToMind-screens.

Facebook demands admin-rights

Publisert 02.12.2019 av Favo

Facebook tightens the enforcement of the rules regarding who can retrieve content from Facebook pages. From the 10th of December you have to have admin-rights for all pages that you want to display on PinToMind.

New Auto-image-post!

Publisert 10.10.2019 av Favo

We have recently released a new image-post for PinToMind, which adjusts everything totally auto-magically! If you have not tried it yet, we hope you will give it a try now!

3 pieces of news for PinToMind Go

Publisert 26.09.2019 av Favo

The PinToMind digital signage solution is under constant development, and now, our mobile app, PinToMind Go, has gotten more features! We have published user statistics, a new image-post and the ability to share photos directly from Photos in iOS.

Changes to Chrome OS License

Publisert 21.08.2019 av Favo

Information to customers, that use a Chromebit or Chromebox, or other equipment using Chrome OS to display the public screen and that purchases license through PinToMind.

Updated and improved display from Facebook

Publisert 15.08.2019 av Favo

Facebook have made some changes in how the content is retrieved and displayed with external services. We have taken this opportunity to improve our Facebook post. The new post is ready to use, we hope you like it!

Midsommarkransen elementary school + PinToMind Go = true 📚📱🤩

Publisert 15.08.2019 av Favo

At Midsommarkransen elementary school in Stockholm, Sweden, they have found a quick and easy way to inform both staff, students and parents. In addition to the large public screens on the school's walls, they also make good use of the mobile app, PinToMind Go. In a very efficient manner the school conveys the information that is important to them, to all involved.

Renew screen-layout after the summer

Publisert 30.07.2019 av Favo

Renew and increase the attention to your public screens by giving the screen a new and fresh layout and new content - a little bit like the tan and renewed energy that most of us hopefully have after the summer's days off. 😉 When the screen looks different, people will pay more attention to it!

New video-post

Publisert 11.06.2019 av Favo

The possibility to upload videos directly to PinToMind, without having to go through YouTube, has been a large request from many of our users. After a long period of intense work, we are now pleased to release our new Video-post in beta, available for all users. 🎥🎉

PinToMind Go to all our customers

Publisert 22.05.2019 av Favo

We turn around! Our mobile app, PinToMind Go, is not an addition, but part of what makes PinToMind what it is. Therefore, we now change it so that everyone can use PinToMind Go, also customers with Start and Plus.

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