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Changes from YouTube

Publisert 21.09.2018 av Favo

Video clips are displayed on PinToMind via YouTube, and YouTube has recently announced changes in how external actors can display YouTube clips as of September 25th.

Push-notifications for PinToMind Go

Publisert 28.05.2018 av Favo

The phone app "PinToMind Go" is being used more and more, and now you can also use push-notifications when you publish something new on your screens! You decide whether or not you want to use this, when you create the post, and the users of the app can also themselves decide whether or not they want to receive these notifications.

Updated Terms for PinToMind

Publisert 08.02.2018 av Favo

Growth in an increasing amount of countries, and new Privacy policy on its way, GDPR, got us started working on new Terms. Now the new terms are ready, and we are happy to present them.

Say it with emojis :punch:

Publisert 19.01.2018 av Favo

We communicate to an increasing degree with various types of smilies. :joy: :weary: :innocent: This you can now also do very much of in our "text&image"-post on PinToMind. :+1: It does not demand much at all, but can mean a lot! :heart_eyes: Have a lovely day, eveyone!! :sparkles:

- Solely positive experiences

Publisert 05.12.2017 av Favo

Assistant Principal Andreas Mauritzson Daun has experience with PinToMind from Observatorielunden’s School. When he now begins an employment at a new school, he brings PinToMind along. When the product was first created, it was made for use in schools, and many schools in Norway have been using this for years. Several Swedish schools are now starting to use PinToMind as well for their digital bulletin boards.

Finally Instagram with hashtags on PinToMind

Publisert 25.09.2017 av Favo

Hurray! Once again it is possible to display images connected to hashtags in the Instagram-post on PinToMind. When you create the post, you decide which hashtag you want to display images with, and then the images will be updated automatically on the public screen. Just awesome! 🎉

Welcome to the team, Sara!

Publisert 07.09.2017 av Favo

We are strengthening our team and investing even more internationally - especially in Sweden! Sara Qvint in Sweden started working with us in September, and we are so happy to have her with us! We believe this will give our customer support a real boost!

Our public screens can be displayed in eight languages!

Publisert 30.06.2017 av Favo

Bon jour! As we have increasingly more customers around the world, the need for different languages has also increased. Now our public screens can be displayed in a total of eight languages!

Bring PinToMind in your pocket

Publisert 02.06.2017 av Favo

Do you want to get information out also to those who do not see the public screen? We have now developed the app you have always wished for!!

Motivate to activity with Strava on PinToMind

Publisert 23.05.2017 av Favo

Both biking- and running-season has started, and a healthy lifestyle is obviously something we want to encourage! You could use our Strava-post on your PinToMind screen to motivate people to be active!

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