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V8 - Style and power to your public screens

We celebrate 5 years for the Norwegian version of PinToMind, - infoskjermen.no! The years have given us experience, with feedback from our customers as an important part. V8 is a product of this, the foundation for the years to come. We have worked with this for a long time, and have looked forward to being able to show it to you!

More personality to the screens

A public screen expresses something about your business, to both employees and visitors. V8 makes it easier for you to add a personal touch to your screens. Upload your own logo and select a background that fits it.

Sidebar with several posts simultaneously

In the sidebar the first post will be displayed continuously. Other posts will continue to scroll as before. This makes you able to always display a weather forecast or a time counter, at the same time as calendars, messages and menus etc keeps on scrolling underneath.

The footer has grown up

The footer has grown from two to three lines, - see what a difference that makes! If you keep your message to less than four lines, you can also here have a message that is displayed continuously, while other information scrolls on the screen.

The footer also has a clock, and a spot for logo. It can be white or transparent, and if you want to, you can add decor.

Typography for readability and style

We have chosen an exclusive font called Proxima Nova to display the content on your screens. It is stylish, yet easy to read, friendly, and has a personality we like. We believe it will serve the screen well.

Social posts

Along with the V8 you get the opportunity to show Instagram and Twitter. Social posts will be further developed, but you can try it today!

This is how you try V8-BETA

Go to "Screens" and select "Settings" for the screens you would like to try this on. Select the tab "V8 - BETA". You can try it on as many screens as you would like, and we would love to hear your feedback!

The path ahead

V8 is a major update which forms the foundation for the path ahead. We have many exciting plans, and can hardly wait to start the next chapter. We can reveal that social media integration and improved image- and text-posts are priorities.

We are looking forward to it!