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We're Cheering on Volunteering!

Published 31.08.2023 af Favo

Every day lots of people contribute significantly to their local communities through voluntary efforts. This is something we wholeheartedly support at PinToMind! Therefore, we’re incredibly happy about the newly extended sponsorship agreement we’ve made with a local sports club in Norway! 🎉

We're Cheering on Volunteering!

Enthusiasm, passion and joy

After signing the contract, we had the pleasure of visiting their arena and meeting two of the teams we support. We had a great time! 😊 Children and teenagers, coaches and parents showed up with enthusiasm and effort for their teams – and for our photographer. 👏

Photos showing a girl passing the ball to her teammates and two teammate boys having fun on the arena.

Maximum effort and ethusiasm at the local arena.

Thumbs up to local everyday heroes

People of all ages with a volunteer commitment are undoubtedly local everyday heroes, and we find it truly meaningful to back them! 🎖️ That’s why we’re more than happy to support voluntary teams and organisations as far as we can.

Photos showing the Norwegian version of the PinToMind logo on the team uniforms and a boy practicing with a ball.

PinToMind is called Infoskjermen in Norway, and the Infoskjermen logo is printed on the team uniforms.

Our best price goes to volunteering

That’s also why we offer our very best price to sports clubs, school bands, churches, clubs, scout groups, and the like – with full functionality from the first day. 🙌😊

Best wishes for the new semester!

A fresh season begins for volunteers in all kinds of groups and organisations these days, and we’d like to cheer on you all and wish everyone a great start and a wonderful autumn!

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