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7 tips for updated screens at the start of a new school year

Published 10.08.2023 by Favo
7 tips for updated screens at the start of a new school year

Starting up after the summer is the perfect time to review, update and renew the content of your digital notice boards and check that everything is in order! Here we help you get started with a simple process of 7 steps, and at the very end you will find an exciting offer for those of you who really want to start the autumn with brand new looking screens!

1️. Get an overview

Log in and review the CONTENT, screen for screen (if you have several). Delete or archive posts that are no longer relevant, and you are already off to a great start!

2. Review content that is retrieved automatically

Make sure all posts that retrieve content automatically (weather, news, calendars etc.) are the way you want them. Such posts are popular, and work as efficient eye-catchers on the screen. It is a great advantage that they update themselves with new content. Nevertheless, it can be smart to review them from time to time, and the start of the semester is an ideal time to do so!

3. Create new posts and use scheduling

Much to inform about? Start creating your new posts. And if you have not yet started using PinToMind’s useful scheduling-feature, we warmly recommend giving this a try!

Active use of scheduling will contribute towards continually updated screens - automatically! You can not only select the time for when the post will stop showing, but also for when the post is to start showing. - Sit back and easily prepare content ahead of time, for as long as you wish.

4. Is the screen online?

Pay attention also to your physical device on the wall. Is it online and displaying content like it should? Not so? In this support-article we show you what you can do to get it all working like it should again.

5. Check time and date

Has the screen been disconnected over the summer holidays? Is it not showing the right time and date? You can adjust this in the settings of the screen itself.

6. Perform a screen-service

Update the Player-app, and the screen’s browser and operative system if necessary. On our support-pages we have useful articles about this for the screens and hardware we recommend. Go to the section for hardware, select the category for your type of hardware and find the relevant articles there.

7. The finishing touch

And while you’re at it: Wipe your screen clean of dust and smudges at the same time. The icing of the cake is an updated AND clean screen!

Do you want to test something brand new?

Would you be interested in a real renewal? If you have not already joined the testing, we would encourage you to start testing PinToMind 3! This is PinToMind with a totally new look, and with a number of nice, new possibilities!

Quite a few of our customers have already been testing and using this for a while. and they have provided us with lots of positive feedback! You are welcome to contact us, if you would also like to try PinToMind 3.

Image of a laptop with a screenshot of the new interface in PinToMind 3.

PinToMind with a new look (screenshot from PinToMind 3).

Good luck with the fresh start!

And with this we would like to wish you good luck with the new and fresh start! If there is anything we can be of help with from here, feel free to contact us at support!

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