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No longer possible to display Twitter

Published 16.06.2023 by Favo

Twitter has changed its policy on who gets access to retrieve news from them. We have been waiting and hoping for the longest time that they would turn around, but now, unfortunately, access for us to display updates from them is closed.

No longer possible to display Twitter

We have obtained the news from Twitter from a so-called API, a connection between our and their servers. As part of the turnaround on Twitter, the prices for using their API have skyrocketed, so that there is no longer any real option to retrieve data from them.

We have long hoped that they would offer a solution that could be an alternative for us, but unfortunately not.

For our customers, this means that it will no longer be possible to create new posts to display content from Twitter, and that existing posts will stop working. We therefore recommend that you delete any Twitter posts from your information screens.

We will follow up on whether new opportunities open up.

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