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Ugoos – gives new life to old screens

Published 08.05.2023 by Favo

When purchasing new screens we recommend that you choose screens that are meant to be used for digital signage. However, if you already have a screen, and would like to continue using this one, we have a solution for you. This is good for both your budget and the environment. ♻️ 😊 By using Ugoos, you can give new life to old screens! 💫

Ugoos – gives new life to old screens

How is that?

The screen that is to be used as a digital notice board has to be able to display an updated browser in full screen. This possibility is often lacking on older screens. Thankfully this problem can be solved quite easily - with Ugoos! 😊

Ugoos - our recommendation

We have tested the little smart TV-box Ugoos X4Q Pro on several test screens for a while. This has been working so well that Ugoos is our recommendation for those who want to use screens they already have, that lack a built in or compatible browser. 💫

We have previously recommended Chromebox, and many of our customers use these. If you are one of them, it is totally fine to continue doing so. 👍 Chromebox has for many years been a good solution, but the introduction of an annual fee to Google and a change in setup means that it has an uncertain future.

License-free and affordable solution

Ugoos X4Q Pro is based on Android 11. Android is license-free - which helps make Ugoos a very favorable solution also in terms of price. This latest model by Ugoos is even priced lower than previous models.

Installation and setup

The Ugoos box connects to your screen via an HDMI port, and to electricity via a normal socket. The box is small and can therefore be easily hidden behind the screen if you wish.

On our support pages you can find a guide for installing the player-app using Ugoos X4Q Pro. Follow the guide, and get started within minutes! ⏱

Get started - with the screen you already have

Do you want to get started displaying PinToMind on a screen you already have? You can buy your Ugoos from our hardware-partner, Assist. Here you can find more information about this option.

Contact Johannes Helgeland, Assist, by e-mail johannes@assist.no or by phone +47 928 99 910 to receive help with this, or to order an Ugoos.

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