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Ugoos – gives new life to old screens

Published 02.02.2023 af Favo

When you purchase new screens, we recommend choosing screens that are made to be information screens. But if you already have a screen, you can often continue using this one. It is preferable both for your wallet and the environment. ♻️ 😊 By using Ugoos, you can give new life to old screens! 💫

Ugoos – gives new life to old screens

How is that?

A screen used as a digital notice board has to be able to display an updated browser in full screen. This possibility is often lacking on older hardware. But you can solve this problem quite easily - with Ugoos! 😊

Ugoos - our recommendation

We have tested the little smart TV-box, Ugoos AM6B Plus on several test-screens, over time. We are so happy with what we see, that Ugoos is our top recommendation for these types of situations where you have a screen that you want to use, but need an additional device in order to be able to display your content on it.💫

Earlier we have recommended Chromebox, and several of our customers are using these. If you are one of them, - feel free to continue using this. 👍 Chromebox is still very good, but it is a disadvantage that one has to pay an annual fee to Google in order to be able to use it in the best way.

License free and easy installation

Ugoos AM6B Plus is based on Android, which is license free, and contributes to making Ugoos a very favorable solution also in terms of price.

The Ugoos-box connects to the back of the screen you have, and connects to electricity and the HDMI-port. On our support-pages you can find a guide for installing our player-app for Android on Ugoos. You will get going in no time! ⏱

Get started - with the screen you already have

Do you want to get started displaying PinToMind on a screen you already have? You can buy your Ugoos from our hardware-partner, Assist. Here you can find more information about this option.

Contact Johannes Helgeland by e-mail johannes@assist.no or by phone +47 928 99 910 to receive help with this, or to order an Ugoos.

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