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PinToMind - simple, stylish and smart!

Published 19.01.2023 af Favo

PinToMind enables ordinary people in companies, organizations and other businesses to manage and display content on digital notice boards in a simple, stylish and smart way.👇

Store employee manages the content of the digital notice board on a laptop.

It is easy to manage content for digital notice boards in our web-based solution. Here from a customer visit at Fargerike Malerboden.


PinToMind is built with userfriendliness as its foundation! Everything about our product is designed to be understandable, simple and accessible, so that it becomes easy for you to use it! 🙌

With PinToMind, you manage it all directly from the browser on your PC, tablet or phone. That way you avoid installations, memory sticks and local servers.

All you have to do is log in to your user account, and from there you plan, create, save and publish content.👨‍💻

PinToMind is a powerful, user-friendly and affordable solution to our corporate screen signage needs. Setup is a breeze even for those without technical or design experience. Eurico Roberto, Quintessential Brands


PinToMind is a stylish and inviting tool to work with, and it provides a neat and nice way to convey information.

We have also made it easy to create posts that you are happy with and that you think are fun to publish. You can choose from a number of ready-made post-types and templates that provide you with professional content in no time! 🎉

Stylish reception area wiht chairs and information screen.

It is easy to make it look beautiful with PinToMind. Here is a weather post with customized colors to the foyer of the Clarion Hotel Air!
PinToMind is a very user-friendly and stylish way to reach out to the staff at our school. All my colleagues really appreciate it. Lars Ericsson, Vinninga School


Most likely your everyday life is busy too, and we asume that you have a lot more to do than managing information screens 😅. That’s why we simplify where we can, with smart features and services integrated into our solution. Scheduling of content on PinToMind is a concrete example that saves you a lot of work, and always ensures that your content is updated.

A hospital employee manages PinToMind on a PC

In a busy everyday life, smart features are worth their weight in gold! Here from the reception at Haugesund Rheumatism Hospital. The image and content on the screens are arranged.
We don't have the resources to spend much time on digital signage. After testing your system, we can easily and efficiently add the information we want to share. Børre Thorkildsen, Ålesund adult education center

Test for free!

With PinToMind it becomes doable, even for those in a small business, to have and operate digital notice boards! 💫

Do uou feel like trying it? It is very easy to get started: Test PinToMind for free and with no commitment for 30 days, and get access to all features right away! 🙌

We are here for you!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! We would love to help you. 😊

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