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Welcome on the team, Petter! 🎉

Published 17.11.2022 af Favo

Now it it time to welcome Petter Halsne to our team! 👏🎉 Petter is employed part time as a developer. He originally studied to be a teacher. He is now undertaking further education in information technology (IT) at Oslo MET, and will work with us alongside his studies.

Welcome on the team, Petter! 🎉

The digital tools we develop and offer must be understandable and easy to use for most people, just as you have come to know PinToMind. 🙌😃 In this situation, educational background and approach is gold! And with his further education in IT, Petter will have a lot to contribute to us as we move forward! 💫

We at PinToMind have previously had solely positive experiences with connecting with students within IT. We have seen that establishing early contact, getting to know each other and developing together is both valuable and useful both ways. 🔄😊

And Petter, for his part, emphasizes that he is looking forward to practicing what he is studying, and at the same time being able to help develop something that can be of use to others.

– I am really happy to have the opportunity to learn and develop as a system developer here with you!

Initially, Petter will work with development for mobile phones, with a particular focus on Android and Windows. In addition to familiarizing himself with PinToMind, he is also going to work on our useful and popular free apps. 📲

What we have seen of Petter so far is a really pleasant, happy and committed fellow. 😊 We are looking forward to getting to know him better!

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