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We are launching the additional package “Hospitality”:

Guest info via PinToMind in all your hotel rooms!

Published 18.08.2022 af Favo
Guest info via PinToMind in all your hotel rooms!

Do you have PinToMind’s information screens at the hotel? Or are you in need of a solution for it? Wouldn’t it be great if the guests could read the information on the information screen in the hotel room as well? We are launching the optional Hospitality package, so you can display PinToMind as a channel on the hotel TV! 🎉

Efficient information sharing

With the Hospitality package you get an effective tool for informing about everything from breakfast times, events, the hotel facilities, special offers and evacuation plans, to display of the local weather forecast and the hotel’s Instagram photos.

Easy to publish and update

If you already know of PinToMind, you know that it is quick and easy to publish and update content in our solution. Using the Hospitality package is just as easy. All functions and all post types from PinToMind are available. And best of all: When you update your content on PinToMind, the information is updated on the hotel TV, in all hotel rooms, at the same time.

Hospitality Clarion reception

How it works

With Hospitality, a display from PinToMind is opened on the hotel’s TV solution, and distributed as its own channel. The system can either have a built-in player for display, or connect to a PC that streams to the TV system. It is important that the TV system acts as a signal splitter, so that there is only one connection from the TV system to our solution.

Price by size

The price of the additional Hospitality package depends on how many rooms with TVs you have in the hotel. In addition, there must be an available screen(license) in the regular price plan, in order for you to create your own screen that is used as a channel for the hotel’s TV system. The additional package is intended for hotels, but can also be used by others with their own solution for internal television.

Get started today

Let your guests easily access the information you want to share with them! 👉 Contact us to order, or if you have any questions - we are happy to help. 😊

Hospitality Clarion entrance hall

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