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Tips for a pleasant new start

Published 04.08.2022 af Favo
Tips for a pleasant new start

Can’t you wait to get started again? 🤩 Or would you rather have a few more summer weeks? 🤯 Isn’t it strange how starting up after the summer feels almost like starting a new year? If the ideas are bubbling over, and you are ready as a child on Christmas Eve, or if the vacation felt too short, and the start a bit overwhelming: Here are tips from us for something we hope can contribute to a pleasant start at your workplace now after the summer break. 🥰

👉Use the digital bulletin boards to bring smiles to people’s faces! 😍 Below we give you 5 ideas that are especially suitable now in the start after the holiday: 👇

1. Welcome people back

Create a general welcome-back-nice-to-see-you-post. It fits well whether your audience is colleagues, customers, pupils, students, visitors or others. 🤗 Or how about a nice post to the individual colleague as they reappear after the time off? Feeling wanted and seen has a positive effect on us! 🥰

2. What are you looking forward to?

After asking this questions in this spring’s newsletter, our inbox overflowed with things to look forward. 😍 Ask yourselves the same question now: “What are you looking forward to this autumn”? List both small and big things. At work and at home. 👉 Based on that, you can create an inspiring thing-to-look-for-post.

3. Build expectation

Do you have any nice experiences or events on the schedule this fall? Look forward to something nice, and make a countdown-post for this on the digital notice board. 🚀 – A great contribution to positive expectation! 🤩

4. Encouraging words

Find one or more encouraging or funny quotes that you publish to the information screens. Anything that can give a little boost or put a smile on someone’s face is gold! ✨

5. Bring out good memories

Good memories from experiences or events are always fun. 🎉 Bring out some pictures of something that happened before the summer, and display them on the digital bulletin board! It can inspire both smiles and nice conversations when people meet again.

We are here for you

We love that many people like to use their digital notice boards to spread smiles and joy - and now we hope you were inspired to do more of that as well! 😍

We would like to remind you that we are more than happy to answer your questions. Feel free to contact us at support if you are wondering about anything! 😊

And with that, we wish you good luck with the new start! 🙌😊

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