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Stylish, neat and efficient with PinToMind at your health institution

Published 12.05.2022 af Favo

A packed bulletin board. Notes and posters on walls, doors and columns. Folders, cards and brochures on tables and shelves. Can you relate? 😅 Here are 7 reasons why PinToMind can be a neat, orderly and efficient alternative for better information flow in your health institution. 👇


PinToMind can replace lots of notes and contribute towards a tidier look (the image is arranged).

1. Orderly and stylish with an information screen

An information screen is a stylish, modern and clean installation. When it gets to replace the old fashioned bulletin board or all kinds of papers and notes, it will guaranteed be a real renewal to the waiting room or other common areas! 🤩

Have a look at how Rheumatism Hospital in Haugesund have used information screens to keep everything neat and clear. ✨

Foaje på sykehus

Stylish and clear with a digital bulletin board in the waiting room or other common areas (the image is arranged, and the person in the image is not a patient).

With PinToMind you can also upload your own background and logo, and give your screen a customized look that fits well for where it is positioned.

PinToMind is both fun and useful! With PinToMind you can share useful information with your patients in the waiting room. You can yourself decide the layout which gives it a personal touch. Monika Hovde Bjerknes, The doctors at Sundvollen

2. Easy publishing of content

From your PinToMind-account you easily create new digital posts directly in our editing tool.

You can of course also upload digital versions of posters or other content that you or someone else has made. ⬆️ Much of the information material today is already made for digital use, which suits very well to display on the digital notice board, for instance this, from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control .


The digital bulletin board is easily managed from a PC or a mobile phone (the image and the content on the screens are arranged).

3. Always updated information

Another benefit with PinToMind is that it is easy to keep your content relevant and updated. You can make small changes from anywhere, with only a few easy keystrokes from your mobile phone of PC.📱💻

You have to try this one. Super-easy to manage, even from your mobile phone. You can even do it from the beach! Rolf Arne Helgesen, Fonna Health

In addition, all the posts can be scheduled, either with a saved shortcut or by adding certain times or dates for publishing and unpublishing of content. ⏱

Just add the scheduling when you create the post, and PinToMind will take care of the rest. 🪄

Hand with Fingers Splayed

Vil du se, hvordan PinToMind virker? Vi viser gerne, hvad vores løsning kan hjælpe dig med!


4. Catches the attention

A digital bulletin board is an efficient eye-catcher, and with changing content it will catch people’s attention. 👀 It makes it easier for you to reach people with your message. Ventesone med infoskjerm

A digital notice board is an efficient eye-catcher (the image is arranged, and the person in the image is not a patient).

5. Available and easy to read

And unlike lots of paper notes, these digital posts can be read from anywhere in the room. The readability is good, even from far away. In this way, the information is always available, even if the audience is not actively seeking it out.

6. Keeps both patients, visitors and staff informed

From your account at PinToMind, you can publish content to several different information screens, and you yourself decide which screens you want the content to be displayed on. This enables you to differentiate the information to for instance waiting room, staff room, the cafeteria or other common areas, and customize it to the audience at the various places. You can for example display a post to the screens in the cafeteria and the staff room, and another post only to the cafeteria.

Infoskjerm med meny

You can publish content to several information screens, and you yourself decide where you want to display the various posts.

7. Bonus: Contributes to well-being and a sense of community

In addition to the purely informative matters, posts on the digital notice board can also contribute to well-being and a sense of community between the employees. 🎉 Congratulations, inspiring words for the day or picture carousels from joint experiences, are examples of posts that easily spread smiles and joy. 🥰

Also for residents in nursing homes, or in wards where patients stay for a relatively long time, this can be a pleasant, well-being-promoting element.

The digital bulletin board is a fantastic way to convey good experiences on the blog or the diary in images. Bente Akseth-Breivoll, Mørkved nursing home

Get started!

Would you like to try it? We have made it easy for you to get started. Try PinToMind for free and with no commitment for 30 days, and get access to all functionality immediately!

Hand with Fingers Splayed

Prøv vores infoskærmsløsning gratis og uforpligtende og få adgang til alt det PinToMind har at byde på.

<a href=https://app.pintomind.com/signup class="secondary-button">PRØV PINTOMIND NU</a>

What do you need?

In order to display your information screen content, you need a screen that can display a browser. If you already have one or more screens, you can test if they can be used. If you do not already have hardware, we recommend buying a screen that is made to be an information screen.

Note: Don’t have the hardware in place yet? Don’t let that stop you from starting a free trial. You can get started well by testing PinToMind on your own PC!

We are here for you!

And - don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions! We are happy to help you. 😊

Infoskjerm i foaje

An information screen is a stylish, modern and clean installation. (The image is arranged, and the person in the image is not a patient.)

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