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Fair in Stockholm - we meet again! 🙌

Published 26.04.2022 af Favo

We did not think it would be SO fun to meet people again! We have been to trade fairs in Sweden many times before, but this year it is simply a party to be able to be here! Finally! At the SETT fair, we started meeting interested and committed school people right from the beginning!

PinToMind at SETT

SETT stands for Scandinavian Education Technology Transformation and is Scandinavia's largest conference and trade fair within modern and innovative learning. Since they started in Stockholm in 2021, they have had enormous growth - the last time they could arrange, there were over 8000 visitors. SETT is arranged at Kistamässan in Stockholm, 26-28 April 2022.

Great to meet again

SETT is the first fair we attend after the pandemic. The last time we were out traveling was for the Quality Fair in Gothenburg, autumn of 2019 - now we are at the Kista Fair in Stockholm. It’s great to be out among people again! 🙌

The four of us who represent PinToMind at the SETT fair come from Sweden, Denmark, Israel and Norway. ✈️ For a long time we did not know whether we all would be able to travel, but now we are here - and it is almost as before. 🤜🦠

And it’s great fun to meet, - as we all normally work remotely! 🧑‍💻👩‍💻 It is also extra nice to meet our customers, with whom we usually only have contact with via e-mail. 👯‍♀️

Great interest in PinToMind

We are incredibly proud and humbled that these days we are helping over 3000 organizations in 26 different countries! We love you 3000! 😍 PinToMind is starting to become well known, and we have many good ambassadors. Thank you so much, to all of you!

A good help when we are at a trade fair in Sweden is also that we have agreements with several Swedish municipalities; Stockholm and Jönköping to name two. They are great references! 👑

Sweden is the country we have worked with the most, apart from Norway. - We dare say that Sweden 🇸🇪 is our second home country. 🤗 But we hope we can help many more! It’s great fun every time someone wants to use our solution! 🤩

Want to help?

Finding new customers is hard work. 🤹 We love the challenge, and at the same time we are happy for all the help we can get. Want to help?

Do you know of someone who could use PinToMind’s solution in their organization? Do you want to tell them about us? Or do you want to tell us about them - so we can contact them? Contact us - we would be so happy to hear from you! 🤗

Come say Hi, if you are here - and have a look at the presentation video

Come visit us if you are attending SETT, you will find us in stand A:20. 😎 And spend a minute on the presentation video from SETT! 👇 This will make a great school!😃

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