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We love you 3000! 😍

Published 20.04.2022 af Favo
We love you 3000! 😍

Have you seen it? The scene where Iron Man says to his little girl: “I love you tons” and the daughter answers “I love you 3000”. According to the child’s logic, 3000 is the largest number she can imagine. 🥰 A few years ago, 3000 was a large number for us from PinToMind to imagine too. But now we are there! – We have just passed 3000 customers! 🥳

It started with what we could not find 😅

A little over a decade ago, we ourselves were searching for a user friendly software for managing content on information screens. When we could not find what we were looking for, we decided to develop it ourselves! The result was the Norwegian information screen solution Infoskjermen 🇳🇴, which later also became the international PinToMind. 🌍

Hand with Fingers Splayed

Vil du se, hvordan PinToMind virker? Vi viser gerne, hvad vores løsning kan hjælpe dig med!


3000 customers in 26 countries! 🎉

Now we are both proud, humbled and thankful that 3000 customers in 26 different countries have chosen specifically PinToMind/Infoskjermen as their software to manage their content on digital notice boards. It inspires us!

And something that inspires us a little extra, is to meet some of our customers, like in the conversation we had with the volunteer organization Samaritans in Great Britain recently. 💛

I always say: Use PinToMind! It is so easy to use. It is something everyone can manage, and it does not depend on managers with technical experience. For us, PinToMind has been an exclusively positive experience!
Steve Bartlett

Steve Bartlett

A stream of positive feedback 😊

Feedback like the one above, from the Samaritans organization, means a lot to us. And througout the years we have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers!

Today we therefore want to take the opportunity to thank all of you who take the time to give us positive feedback! We really appreciate it! 🙏

Your use of PinToMind inspires us! 💫

And most of all: Thank you for choosing PinToMind and using our product in your organization! It is what motivates us to continue developing the most user-friendly and best digital bulletin board! We are SO excited, and we just want to say: – We love you 3000! 😍

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Have you not tried PinToMind yet?

Then maybe you would like to try it? You are always welcome to test our software! 😊

You can create a free trial with no commitment, or you can contact us if you have questions or want advice! We are more than happy to answer your questions!

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