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PinToMind at hospital:

Keeps staff and patients up to date

Published 06.04.2022 af Favo

In the bright and spacious foyer, there is a fire burning in the fireplace, and everywhere, small, thoughtful steps have been made to soften and create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. At the same time, the state-of-the-art Rheumatism Hospital in Haugesund is clean, tidy and orderly. Read below about how they actively use PinToMind as an information channel for both patients and staff, and at the same time as a tool to keep the order and clear line! ✨👇

Hospital foyer

There is a nice atmosphere in the bright and spacious foyer at Rheumatism Hospital. (The picture is arranged, and the person in the picture is not a patient at the hospital.)

Haugesund Sanitetsforenings Revmatismesykehus AS (Haugesund Public Health Association’s Rheumatism Hospital) is a special hospital for patients with rheumatic diseases, and for patients with various types of skin diseases. The hospital is a private, non-profit hospital in the specialist health service and is fully owned by Haugesund Public Health Assosiation. The hospital offers outpatient treatment, but also has admissions for rehabilitation, assessment and operations.

The information screens provide answers

At the Rheumatism Hospital, you will find information screens both in the foyer, the restaurant and in some of the wards.

Egil Moldskred, IT manager at the hospital, has plans for more, because there are constantly requests for access to PinToMind from employees who do not yet have a digital bulletin board in their department. Among other things, they see that using the digital notice board as an information channel results in significantly fewer questions.

– Now it is not that we do not want to answer questions, Egil says smiling. But it is undoubtedly an advantage for both the staff and the patients with easily accessible information.

This applies especially to the most common questions, which many people wonder when they come here. That this is easily answered with a glance at an info screen, we experience as a good thing for all parties, elaborates acting office manager Åse Helene Tvedt, and mentions, for example, questions about parking.

Egil Moldskred

Egil Moldskred, IT-manager at the hospital.

Hand with Fingers Splayed

Vil du se, hvordan PinToMind virker? Vi viser gerne, hvad vores løsning kan hjælpe dig med!


Easy to differentiate the information

Egil explains that they differentiate the information displayed on each screen. In the ward for rehabilitation, where the patients are usually admitted for a period of a few weeks, for example, it is very helpful to publish the program for the day.

Waiting zone in hospital

The digital bulletin board shows information about activities in connection with rehabilitation stays at the hospital. (The picture is arranged, and the person in the picture is not a patient at the hospital.)

– When patients come for a rehabilitation stay, we always encourage them to watch the information screens, he says.

In this way, patients receive a continuous update of information about some of the opportunities the stay provides, with trips, courses, and training programs.

– Not to forget the menu in the restaurant on the top floor, he adds with a smile.

The most popular post?

Yes, because here we are not talking about simply a cafeteria or a café. The Rheumatism Hospital has established its own Restaurant “The View” on the 7th floor of the building, with glass walls and panoramic views of the city, Karmsundet and the sea to the west. 🤩

It is frequently visited by patients, guests and staff, and today’s menu is an important and popular feature on all the house’s digital notice boards. – Maybe the most popular? guesses Egil.

The menu-post is managed from the top floor, by chef Gro Håland and some of her colleagues in the restaurant. – It is not difficult at all, she says, and says that if she should forget to publish today’s menu, it will soon be in demand. 😃

Chef Gro Håland (closest in picture), and her colleagues at the restaurant.

Chef Gro Håland (in front), and her colleagues at the restaurant, "The View" use the digital notice board to display today's menu.

An easy and very stable solution

– It is easy to manage with PinToMind, confirms Egil. He points out that there are many users of this solution in the hospital, and no one ever wonders about anything.

– I just give them a brief introduction at start-up, and then it works, he says happily.

Receptionist with pc

The information screens at the hospital are easily managed from the employees' computers. (The image and content on the screens in this image are arranged.)

He adds that he experiences PinToMind as a really stable system.

– As an IT manager, I work with a lot of different software. PinToMind is very stable! There is never any nonsense. No downtime. It just works!

– It's easy manage with PinToMind. I'm just giving new users a brief introduction, then they're up and running. As an IT manager, I work with a lot of different software. PinToMind is very stable! There is never any nonsense. No downtime. It just works!
Egil Moldskred

Egil Moldskred,
Rheumatism Hospital

Contributes to a neat style

And then there’s one more thing he likes very much about the digital bulletin board: You don’t have to have notes all around. 😅

– We no longer need to fill walls and boards with more or less outdated paper spreads, and our patients can leave here with fewer pieces of information sheets in their hands than before, he believes.

He says that they actively encourage the use of the digital notice board instead of paper. And the result? 👉 For those of us who come to visit, there seems to be both neat walls and information that arrives! Inspiring! 🤩

Hospital corridor with info screen

The info screen replaces pieces of paper and contributes to a stylish and orderly environment.

Test PinToMind

Were you also inspired? Maybe you discovered a new way to use digital bulletin boards? Or maybe you want to test PinToMind in your organization?

You are always welcome to test our software. You can yourself create afree trial with no commitment here, or you can contact us directly if you have questions or want advice! 😊

Educational and inspiring customer stories

We from PinToMind want to thank Rheumatism Hospital for having us! 🙏😊 It means so much to us to gain insight into how our customers use our software. That’s what we learn and get motivated by! ✨

Maybe you also have experiences with PinToMind that you would like to share with us? If so we would love to hear from you! 😊

Hand with Fingers Splayed

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