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5 tips for spreading joy through the digital bulletin board

Published 03.03.2022 af Favo
5 tips for spreading joy through the digital bulletin board

Have you thought of the fact that a digital bulletin board can add to the joy and sense of community at your workplace? Among the feedback we receive from our customers, several people mention just this. We think using PinToMind this way, is such a great idea, that we want to inspire more people to do the same. Here are 5 suggestions for how to use your information screen to spread some joy in everyday life. 👇😊

1 | Celebrate birthdays 🎉

Most people like to be contgratulated on their birthday, and a birthday greeting on the digital bulletin board is a fun kind of attention to receive. At the same time, the post is a reminder for all the others to treat the birthday child extra well. 🥳

Fantastic! Informs colleagues quickly and efficiently. we use it for everything, also to mark birthdays and happy news at school. - Marianne Aas, Atrå elementary school, Norway

2 | Share a quote 💬

There is such an abundance of encouraging, beautiful, nice, funny and inspirational quotes. Those little words of wisdom that are just so incredibly well worded. Getting a “Word of Wisdom of the Day” or “Word of the Week” will be appreciated by many, and it will give a nice variation in your posts. (Bonus tip: You can add many of them ahead of time, as scheduled posts!)

3 | Share photos from shared experiences 📸

What builds community better than the experiences we have together? 👉 Take pictures from nice joint experiences, and show them on the digital notice board! It helps build a valuable memory bank, and can inspire many good conversations.

By the way, did you know that when you add several photos in one post, you can save them as an album, choose how long each photo should be displayed, and then just enjoy the photo carousel? 💫

The information screen helps us provide useful information and reminders to all employees. It is also used to spread joy in the workplace by sharing events, photos and such - it contributes to community and a good working environment. - Susanne M. Roteigen, Advisor, Nedre Hallingdal, Norway

4 | Count down to something fun together 🎬

Looking forward to something together is nice. Maybe that’s why our countdown post is so popular. You can enter a time that you count down to, e.g. a tour, opening of a new building or something else that is in store. Then the notice will show how much time is left until the current event. - A great way to look forward to something and create some expectation.😎

5 | Welcome people 🤝

Are you expecting guests or getting a new colleague? Then a welcome post can be a nice greeting. It has the same double effect as the birthday post: The person who comes gets a good experience of being expected and welcome, and everyone else becomes aware that there are some new ones around on that day that it is extra important that they take care of. 🥰

We hope you were inspired to use your digital notice board in new ways! 🌟 Maybe you also have other, good ideas for encouraging posts that build community? Feel free to share your ideas with us - we would love to hear about how you use your information screen to spread some smiles and joy. 🙌😊

And as always - if you are wondering about anything, you can just contact us. We are right here, and want to answer your questions! 😊

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