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PinToMind at Griffin School in Austin, Texas

Published 17.02.2022 af Favo
PinToMind at Griffin School in Austin, Texas

Griffin School is a College Prepatory School in Austin, Texas, USA, which teaches academic subjects at the same time as they offer a number of creative subjects. The focus on creativity is well reflected everywhere in the school, with a variety of great student work decorating the rooms. In the school’s reception area, however, there is also something else that has found a place on the wall: A Digital Bulletin Board! 🌟😊

– With PinToMind, we have simply found a perfect solution for an organization like ours, both in terms of user-friendliness, functionality and price.
Angela Eaton

Angela Eaton

The school staff had experienced that many of the same questions were asked repeatedly, and wanted to find a more efficient solution for information sharing. That was when the idea of a digital bulletin board came up, and Angela Eaton, Development Director at Griffin School, began researching the options on the market.

The reception

Hand with Fingers Splayed

Vil du se, hvordan PinToMind virker? Vi viser gerne, hvad vores løsning kan hjælpe dig med!


Ease of use and price decided

– We did a search on Google and checked out several alternatives, says Angela, but for us, PinToMind stood out because it appeared to be very easy to use. In addition, the price was at a level that suited a relatively small organization like ours. We thought it seemed just right for us, she states.

Since then, the digital bulletin board has had a permanent place in the reception, and it is Angela and her colleague Dee Chapman, Operations Director, who publish most of the content. They are both happy that it is all just as user-friendly and simple as they hoped it would be.

The griff

Posts that provide an overview

They display many varied posts on their information screen. In the sidebar, events from the school’s calendars are retrieved automatically, so that it shows an always updated overview of the current program. In addition, they regularly post notices with information in advance of various events and gatherings at the school.

Posts that promote well being

In addition to the purely informative content, Angela and Dee also publish many well-being-promoting posts on the digital bulletin board.

For example, they post a nice congratulatory post every time someone has a birthday. 🎉 And when a student recently won an award for a photograph, the award-winning photo and winner were honored in a post for everyone to see. 🏆

The information screen is also useful when the school welcomes visitors. – During the year, young people come by to visit. Then it’s nice to give them a friendly welcome post on the reception screen, at the same time as we make students and teachers aware that we have guests, says Angela.

A pleasant feature is also the summary in text and image of the week’s highlight at the school - a regular feature that Dee has introduced.

School building

Convenient for a school

In addition to the screen in the reception, the school has made use of the mobile app, PinToMind Go.

– The fact that there also is a mobile app included is really great! says Angela, and points out that information directly on the mobile phone suits many of the students very well. She also points out that the mobile app, PinToMind Go, makes it possible to give parents access to the information that is shared, and their experience is that such extended accessibility is very convenient for a school.

– With PinToMind, we have simply found a perfect solution for an organization like ours, both in terms of user-friendliness, functionality and price, she summarizes.

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School building

Photos are used with permission from the school. Photos of the football player and the griffin are taken from Griffin’s presentation video on Vimeo.

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