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Switch from Chromebit and Chromebox to Ugoos NOW - it will pay off

Published 02.12.2021 by Favo

Are you using Chromebox or Chromebit with Chrome upgrade to display your PinToMind screens? Now there are good reasons to change. Read more about our campaign to encourage you to switch to Ugoos. 👇

Switch from Chromebit and Chromebox to Ugoos NOW - it will pay off

License-free solutions pay off in the long run

Apart from the fact that Ugoos and new screens from Samsung or Sony work excellently technically, a big advantage is also that they are license-free. ✨

With Chromebox or Chromebit, you pay an annual license fee, a so-called Chrome upgrade, of €40 to Google.

Over time, a new screen or Ugoos will be a more affordable solution for you as a customer. We like this so much that we choose to go out with a campaign to encourage you to change. 🙌

Our campaign:

We run the campaign together with Assist, our Norwegian partner for hardware. We recommend changing before receiving a new invoice, so you do not have to pay Google’s license fee for another year.

✅ NOK500 (currently about €48 / £41 ) discount on Ugoos-devices that replace a Chrome-license. Find more information here.*

➡️ Save NOK500 + €40/£40 the first year (NOK500 in discount on the equipment and €40/£40 in saved license fee)
➡️ Save €40/£40 per coming year in license fee.

*The offer is valid for a purchase from Assist during the promotion period (currently until 31 July 2022), and only applies to customers who “replace” a Chrome upgrade purchased from us.

Contact us at to agree on a change with a promotional discount.🔄

Easy to install

Are you wondering if it is difficult to change? On our support pages you will find the installation guide for Ugoos. You will be done in a couple of minutes! 🙌😊

Adding new Chrome upgrades not possible

At the same time, we would like to announce that we will end the sale of new Chrome upgrades. If it creates any problems for you, please contact support, and we will help you find a solution.

NOTE: This campaign has no consequences for existing licenses. Switching from Chrome devices to Ugoos is completely optional. Chrome devices that run without a license, and accounts that use their own Chrome license (not purchased through us) are not affected either.

Contact us!

Do you have any questions? We are happy to help! Contact us at, and you’ll hear from us shortly! 😊

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