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PinToMind Player-app for Windows

Published 10.10.2021 by Favo
PinToMind Player-app for Windows

Wanting to make it even easier for those using Windows for their PinToMind-display, we developed a PinToMind Player-app for Windows. It is published and can be downloaded to your device from Windows Store. 🥳

From script to app

PinToMind has always been able to be displayed on Windows, and it was also here everything started. A Chrome browser in full screen mode was all you needed. It has been like this for more than 10 years. Along the way we developed our own script for auto-start and display in full screen, which ,many still use today.

Now the PinToMind Player-app for Windows replaces the script, and we thank the script for serving us well for a long time. 🏅 The Script, which has used the old and no longer supported browser, Internet Explorer, is no longer updated and available, and we encourage everyone using the script to change to using the player-app.

We love sharing about the player-app, because we know that this one will be a much better solution which will make it easier for you using Windows to display your content on your digital bulletin board! 🙌

A great benefit with the player-app is also that it can be put in kiosk-mode. Th kiosk-mode makes it so that every time to device restarts, the app opens on an own “dummy”-user. This makes devices on public and easily accessible places, much more secure, as it is impossible to get to the main user or other apps. You can find guide for using kiosk-mode on our support-pages, on the same page as the guide for installing the app.

The PinToMind Player-app for Windows can be downloaded from Windows Store

Get started with the PinToMind Player-app

Our guide for installing the PinToMind Player-app from Windows can be found here. For those who possibly don’t have access to Windows Store, the PinToMind-app can also be side-loaded. Guide for sideloading can be found here.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions. We are ready to help you get the most out of using PinToMind. 😊

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