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PinToMind for Digital Notice Boards in libraries

Published 23.09.2021 by Favo
PinToMind for Digital Notice Boards in libraries

โ€” If you can use Word and Powerpoint, you will also succeed in using PinToMind! It is so uncomplicated, and that is what makes it so genious, states Martin McGovern, Technical Consultant. He has been at the forefront of the fact that several libraries in Ireland now use PinToMind to manage their digital notice boards for the visitors to the libraries. Read more about why they chose PinToMind specifically, and find good tips for easy and efficient management of digital notice boards below! ๐ŸŽ‰

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The road to digital notice boards

Martin McGovern

Martin McGovern

It all started with a bigger, national ICT initiative in Ireland, where funds were dedicated to the purchase of technical equipment. This was a chance for a renewal that the libraries wanted to make good use of, and Martin saw this as a great opportunity to get them started with digital notice boards. He shared his idea, and discovered that this was something the library-staff saw potential in and got excited about.

The most important requirement of the product

Thus began the search for a good product for publishing content, and there was one thing Martin was particularly interested in: He wanted to find a software that was so non-technical, that any of the employees in the libraries could create and publish content themselves. Previous attempts at something similar had in fact failed because it became too cumbersome to operate.

Why specifically PinToMind?

โ€” I came across a lot of products for digital notice boards, says Martin, and shares that he came across PinToMind almost by accident. He discovered that this was the software that was used for the digital notice boards he had seen at his own golf club. After a chat with the technical manager there, Martin quickly realized that this was what he was looking for!

โ€” PinToMind turned out to be the simplest and least technical solution of all, he says.

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This appeals

โ€” It really appealed to me that this was really something everyone can succeed with, Martin continues. So he got started; gave the staff a course, and ensured that the use of PinToMind was implemented in the libraries. It was all very well received, both by the audience, and not least by the employees themselves.

โ€” They love the solution for its simplicity, says Martin excitedly.

How digital bulletin boards can be used libraries

Today they actively use PinToMind to operate digital notice boards with a good mix of different posts, and Martin has great input for content and areas of use:

The screens are mostly used inside the libraryโ€™s premises, but Martin also tells about a creative and effective twist: Some of the libraries have windows facing the street, and have placed a screen there! The idea is that this helps make more people aware of what the library offers and often also lowers the threshold for actually giving the library a visit. There is no doubt that in this way they reach an expanded audience. Smart, right?

Good tips for those who manage a digital notice board

Together with the library staff, Martin has gained some experience with what works best on the digital bulletin boards, and here he shares some useful tips with us:

Do you also need a good digital notice board software?

Then we are happy to tell you that you can test PinToMind for free and with no commitment for 30 days. Create a free trial with us, and get access to all functionality immediately! We hope you get inspired by the ideas and tips above. This can be the solution that allows you to also get started with a simple and efficient information flow!

And do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! We are ready to help, and would love to get you started! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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