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Easier, safer and better way to connect new screens

Published 14.09.2021 af Favo

Do you have new equipment to display PinToMind on? It is now easier than ever to start the screen display! 💫 We are launching a completely new way of connecting to new screens, which is easier, safer and better than before. Let us describe to you what it means for you in practice. 👇

Easier, safer and better way to connect new screens

Ready for some - coming for all!

For you who use PinToMind Player for Chrome and Android, the new way to connect is already in place, and you might have seen it? It will soon be available to all PinToMind users, and we would love to show you some of the benefits. 🙌

Easier to enter the screen code 📱

With the new connection, you do not have to enter the screen code on the physical screen - instead it is done from your own mobile or PC. The screen shows a code that you must enter when you are logged in to app.pintomind.com/connect - and in an instant, the screen is connected to your account and your content! 🌪

Screenshot: Connect equipment

Safer connection between screen and system🔒

With the new connection method, it is not an open screen address (url) that is used for display. Instead, you now authenticate the equipment you are going to use, so that you have full control over who has access to your content.

More flexible for you 🔁

It will be easier for you to select which one of the screens on your account that you want to display on the physical device. If you for example are moving a physical device from one room to another and want to display content from another screen, this is good news. With a few mouse clicks, you can change the content displayed on the physical screen.

Screenshot: Select the screen to be displayed

Any questions?

We are more than happy to answer your questions about the use of PinToMind. 😊 Just contact our support-team!

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