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New hardware? We now recommend selected screens from Sony!

Published 02.09.2021 by Favo
New hardware? We now recommend selected screens from Sony!

We test hardware continuously, so that we can give good and appropriate hardware recommendations to our customers. We have now tested selected models from Sony, which have proven to work very well for use with PinToMind. They therefore go straight on to our list of recommended hardware. Read more about the models we recommend, and discover one of the benefits of these screens! 👇

Many new PinToMind users start with equipment they already have, and find good solutions with it. We think that’s great! 💫 But when buying new devices, you should choose recommended hardware to get the most out of your information screens. 👌

More suppliers give greater freedom of choice

Being able to recommended equipment from several suppliers has been an important goal for us, as it helps us to give you as a customer greater freedom of choice. And we like freedom of choice! 🙌 That’s why we test hardware continuously, and we are really pleased that we now also have models from Sony on our list. 🥳

In order for us to recommend a device, it needs to be a professional screen, created for digital signage. In addition, we emphasize that the device should work stably over a longer period of time, have an automatic on/off function, and support wireless network.

The Sony devices we recommend 👇

We have now tested Sony devices for a long period of time, and based on the criteria above, among other things, we have created an overview of the screens from Sony that we recommend.

Flexible multifunction screens

One of the advantages of these screens from Sony is that they work very well as multifunction screens, for example in a meeting room. The devices have easy access to the Google Play Store for downloading other relevant apps, and they support screen sharing, including Apple Airplay. This allows you to get the most out of your device:

Møterom med infoskjerm

Advice when buying new equipment

We do not sell hardware, and we are not tied to any resellers. You are therefore completely free to choose equipment yourself from your local reseller, but do have a look at our recommendations before you buy new equipment. You can always find information about the hardware we recommend on our website, and of course you can always contact us if you have any questions! 😊

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