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Guess why we are so happy?! 🥳🎉

Published 26.08.2021 af Favo
Guess why we are so happy?! 🥳🎉

It is because we can welcome a new colleague to the PinToMind team! Jon Kristian Søndergaard Høyland is our new co-worker in Denmark. 🥳 🙌 🇩🇰 If he knows a thing or two about screens? Of course! 😎 Check out this super hit. 👇 😜 #headhunting

Great, right? 😂 😅 Oh well, we sure think it’s awesome! 😂👏👏👏

What is certain is that Jon Kristian has an eye for smart, digital solutions, and he is incredibly talented, versatile and creative. 🙌 He is also a wonderfully positive type, with a twinkle in his eye!

– I look forward to start working in a new industry, Jon Kristian says. He already works in the Danish school and after school activities, where he will continue to work in a somewhat reduced position, at the same time as he joins us for a period of time. And 10 years of work experience in the school world is something he will benefit from, also in his new job:

– I see and experience challenges where I believe that PinToMind can be a contributing solution. It is something I look forward to working with, he says.

Jon Kristian’s tasks with us will be within sales, marketing and support, and he will especially have an eye for both new and existing customers in Denmark. He believes that PinToMind can make everyday life more clear and efficient for Danish companies, organizations, institutions and individuals:

– PinToMind’s information screen provides an overview of the day, informs of what is important, gives a smile along the way, and reminds of good memories, and not least: It can make others both curious and impressed, he points out.

We agree on that, 🙌 and look forward to working with our new colleague in the PinToMind team!! 🤗

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