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Raspberry Pi + PinToMind

Published 05.08.2021 by Favo
Raspberry Pi + PinToMind

The Raspberry Pi is a small, affordable computer, the size of a deck of cards, and is part of a fascinating concept. It was developed by the charity Raspberry Pi Foundation with a desire to make computers and programming easily accessible to children and young people, but quickly became super popular far beyond that.

How to use PinToMind with Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is not hardware we look upon as recommended for displaying content from PinToMind (see recommended hardware here). But we have received some questions about the possibility of using PinToMind together with Pi, and we think that it is a very exciting concept.

See our new guide!

Therefore, we have created a guide for how to display PinToMind on Raspberry Pi. If you follow the guide, the Pi will start and be ready to display PinToMind once you have entered your screen code. 🙌

Low performance with video

This set-up generally works well, but we must inform that Raspberry Pi has low performance when using video. 📽 Here you will find a list of hardware that is compatible with video.

Do you have tips or experiences that you want to share?

Please contact us if you use PinToMind with a Pi and have tips that can make the installation even easier, or want to share some of your experiences with us! 😊

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