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Summer job at PinToMind

Published 02.07.2021 af Favo
Summer job at PinToMind

Karen Hompland usually studies computer technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. She is back in her hometown for the summer and is already in full swing with her summer job at PinToMind.

Flexible summer job throughout the summer break 👩‍💻☀️

We are very happy to have her on the team this summer. Karen will work for us throughout the summer, but has been given a flexible agreement with the opportunity to take some time off from time to time.

Enjoys hiking and outdoor activities

She does not have many big plans for the summer in general, but thinks she will be out hiking a lot during afternoons and weekends, being a Norwegian and all. 🇳🇴⛰😉

– It’s okay to sit still as long as I’m at work, but otherwise I am the happiest when I am moving and active, she smiles.

A great match!

Andreas on our team has known Karen since she was little.

– When we met once this winter, I thought it was very nice to hear that she had chosen an education in computer and technology, he says.

– When it also turned out that she was interested in programming and wanted a summer job, it turned out to be a great match, he adds. 🎯

Grateful for a relevant summer job

Karen is grateful to have gotten a summer job that is relevant to the education she has started. During the summer she will work with programming and the computer technology side of several projects.

– Now I get to both use what I have learned and learn more at the same time. That’s great, she says.

We believe and hope that these will be great and educational weeks, both for us and Karen. 🤩

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