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– Thank you, and happy summer!

Published 24.06.2021 af Favo
– Thank you, and happy summer!

We asked our users: What would you say if you were to recommend PinToMind to a friend or colleague? And wow, what a response we got! THANK YOU all! 🤩

Overwhelming response, in quantity and content

The response was absolutely overwhelming, both in quantity and content! 🥰 We have read through each and every individual feedback and we are really happy to hear that the experience of PinToMind is as simple, useful and fun as we work to make it! 🙌

Easy and quick installation. Nice design. The market's fastest customer support.

Take the feedback with us

We take all this wonderful feedback with us into the summer! And then we look forward to the autumn - when we are ready to take off like never before! 💪 Our goal is always for you to enjoy using PinToMind, and that more people will discover how easy, efficient and fun it is to share information about both big and small issues, with our solution. 🎯

Did you say you're looking for an in-store tv solution? We have been using PinToMind now for over a year and it's great. - It's web-based - Easy to configure - With a Samsung SMART Signage, it literally took only 3 minutes to have PinToMind up and running. It took longer to unpack the TV. - Easy to maintain the content. So all in all a great system!

Thank you for recommending ❤️

And you know - when we ask new customers how they found us, the most common answer is that they found us after a recommendation from a friend or colleague. So thank you for this also - to you who tell about your good experiences with PinToMind. We are also very grateful for that! 🙏

Do you want to reach out to your employees or customers without having to be an IT mogul, and to be able to present good-looking posts? Use PinToMind. Affordable, simple and nice program and better than the competition (I have tested many). Try it, you will not regret it!

THANK YOU!! - and a really HAPPY SUMMER from all of us in the PinToMind team!☀️

PinToMind is incredibly easy to use, we manage everything ourselves and have 100% control over the content all the time - we can post things directly, or schedule it so that it is published when we want to display it - I recommend PinToMind to anyone who wants to listen! 😊

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