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Better support for emojis on PinToMind

Published 01.02.2021 af Favo
Better support for emojis on PinToMind

Do you use emojis? Then we think you will like our news and tips below 🤩 We are active emoji users ourselves, and have good experience with the positive effects it provides for digital communication. We have now upgraded our emoji library to contain just about all types of emojis 🥳

Same emojis regardless of screen type!

Have you noticed that emojis appear a little differently on different devices 😬? With the new update, emojis you add to your posts are turned into icons that are displayed the same, no matter what device they appear on. If you preview before publishing your post, you will see exactly how the emojis will appear on all screens where your message is to be conveyed 👀

Practical tips for you who want to use emojis on information screens:

📱ON MOBILE DEVICES: Access to emojis is easy from any mobile device. You use them in exactly the same way on PinToMind as when writing an SMS or sending a Snap.

🖥 ON PC OR MAC: Here, it is not as obvious as on the mobile where you will find the entire large collection of emojis. Therefore, we have made sure that you find selected emojis in the toolbar. However, opening the device’s emoji panel gives you easy access to all emojis:

Then you can browse the entire collection of emojis, search for emojis and choose from your own favorites, or the ones you use often. Super-convenient 😎

3 tips of do’s and don’ts

Last but not least: Have fun 🥳 At its best, emojis are incredibly fun, both for the writer and for the reader! We love emojis!

Good luck creating engaging and humorous communication on your digital bulletin board 🙌😊.

Any questions? Contact us!👩🏻‍💻💬

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