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PinToMind at Scandic Hotel

Published 05.11.2020 af Favo
PinToMind at Scandic Hotel

At Hotel Scandic Maritim, they have found many different uses for their information screens. The hotel is idyllically located in Norwegian Haugesund, right by the sea, with unobstructed views of a charming, maritime environment. At the hotel entrance on the quay, a stylish screen is welcoming the guests, displaying the menu of the hotel restaurant and providing other relevant information to the visitors.

PinToMind at Scandic Hotel 2

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Simple to manage and time saved

– We are very satisfied with the digital signage service from PinToMind, says Aslak Askeland, Food & Beverage Director at the hotel. He points out in particular that everything is so simple and understandable:

– There is nothing complicated here, he says.

At Scandic Maritim, he operates all the screens.

– It is so easy to create and display new post, he says, and argues that he actually saves time with PinToMind, both in relation to other solutions he has tried, but also compared to more “analog” information such as information posters.

PinToMind at Scandic Hotel 3

Scheduling of posts ensures up-to-date information

He is also very excited about the function for scheduling of posts at PinToMind.

– I use it incredibly much, he says. When he posts something new, he always chooses both the start and end time for the posts.

– It is done in an instance, it ensures that the post is displayed at the right time and that no old information ever is shown on our screens, he concludes.

PinToMind at Scandic Hotel 4

Active use of info screens during events

The Scandic Maritim Hotel offers great facilities for courses, meetings, conferences, shows and events, and in the stylish lobby outside the hotel’s concert and conference hall, they actively use the info screens during large events:

– When the guests arrive, we run all kinds of practical information about tickets and such over the screens. We also use the opportunity to remind that it is not allowed to shoot with flash at performances or concerts. When it’s time for a meal, the dinner menu pops up on the screens, and as the meal draws to a close, information about cakes and desserts appears. Of course, lately we have also used the screens to remind of infection control, Aslak explains. In this way, the hotel actively uses the info screens for the benefit of its guests throughout the event, and it has proven to be an incredibly effective way to reach out, according to him.

PinToMind at Scandic Hotel 5

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The information screen shows time and direction

Also in the hotel reception, an info screen is centrally located. This screen runs an overview of meals, meetings, events and conferences, so it is easy to find. Here, PinToMind automatically retrieves data from the hotel’s meeting calendar, and in this way the screen is always updated without any extra work for anyone.

– Being able to show the meeting calendar in this way gives the guests a good overview, Aslak means.

PinToMind at Scandic Hotel 6

New areas of use

Aslak tells that he is still discovering new ways in which the info screens can be used, and believes that there may soon be more screens around the hotel. He also has very specific plans, but he does not want to reveal too many of them yet. We at PinToMind agree that it sounds very exciting. We think it is great when our customers find benefits in our solution in even more areas!

PinToMind at Scandic Hotel 7

If you want to test our information screen solution, you can start a free trial, with no commitment, here.

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