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Welcome to the team, Georg and Jon Håvard!

Published 22.10.2020 af Favo
Welcome to the team, Georg and Jon Håvard!

This autumn, the PinToMind team has been strengthened with two new employees. We are very happy to welcome Georg Skuggedal and Jon Håvard Gundersen to us!

Hooray 🎉 The team is growing!

Jon Håvard has got a long and broad experience, with over 15 years behind him as a developer. He will work back-end with us, with the development and operation of our systems. He is very dedicated to what he does, and is a great resource in the field.

Georg enters a part-time position, which he performs in parallel with studies in communication technology at the University of Science and Technology of Norway. Among other things, he will work with adaptations to equipment and further development of our mobile solution, PinToMind Go. Georg is incredibly skilled and has already achieved a lot in a short time.

Both are great guys, who we look forward to working with, and we are really excited to have had them join us in the team 🙌

Together, we look forward to continuing to deliver the stable and secure solution that PinToMind is, and we have many exciting plans for our service in the future.

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