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Nine reasons to use information screens in the fight against Corona

Published 08.10.2020 af Favo
Nine reasons to use information screens in the fight against Corona

Keeping the important information on infection control and prevention up to date can be a challenge in many ways. Fortunately, there is very good information material available, but how can you and your company take advantage of this in a simple and effective way? And what about all the other things you need to convey in the form of messages and news? Many companies have recently experienced an enormous pressure around everything that needs to be announced. We present nine benefits of using information screens for information sharing.

1. Info screens have good visibility and readability

An information screen is a clearly visible surface that can be read even at long distances. This is a big advantage over traditional poster material. Where today you need both many and large posters, a screen can cover all of your needs. On an info screen, you can effectively inform about infection control, news in the company, messages, meetings and everything else you want to convey to your employees and / or to your visitors.

2. Screens capture people’s attention

What happens on a screen catches your attention, whether it’s the smart phone on the table in front of you, or the TV in the living room. One feedback we often get from our customers is about just that: the experience that the info screen catches people’s attention. And that is a very good starting point in order to reach out with a message!

Screens capture people's attention

3. An info screen is a surface with space for a lot of information

On an information screen there is room for a LOT of information, and the nice thing is that you can provide the information in smaller portions. All your information does not have to fit in the same post. Instead, you can divide what you want to say and let the posts roll. This is a smart pedagogical trick, which makes the information easier to both read and understand. Changing images on a screen also helps to keep the attention of the viewer.

4. PinToMind makes your message easily accessible - even at the home office

In these times, it is also a nice bonus that people do not have to stand close to each other to read the information you want to convey. Information on a strategically placed screen becomes easily accessible to a large audience. With our app, PinToMind Go, employees can also automatically receive news from the info screens directly in the mobile. Thus, it will not be necessary to go to the common areas to get the latest news of the company. PinToMind Go makes it easy to keep everyone in the organization up to date, and makes sure the information is available, even in any home office.

PinToMind makes your message easily accessible

5. Save time

There is constantly new information material and new guidelines from authorities and your industry. This may mean that you have to take down the old information posters and put up new ones - in many different places. With the use of Digital Signage, you are just a push of a button from updating the information in several or all places at once. It can save a lot of time in a business.

6. Post the information from anywhere

With the solution from PinToMind, you manage all updates from a browser on your own computer or smartphone. It can be done from your own office - or from the home office. This way, you do not have to go to crowded and cramped areas, waiting rooms or receptions to update the information, and the risk of infection for you and your employees is reduced.

Post the information from anywhere

7. Info screens provide touch-free updating of information

A nice side effect of not having to take down and put up posters is also that you and your employees can avoid contact with surfaces that others may have been in contact with. We call it “touch-free updating” and we know that this is something that our customers currently value extra.

8. Video content is effective

An information screen allows you to share video content with your audience. It’s worth its weight in gold when you have an important message to get out. Vivid images have the potential to capture people’s attention, and to keep the attention. Much of the information material is available as video content. Many industries also have their own video content that can be used to inform and prevent corona infection.

9. It’s so easy to get started

Because of Covid-19, many companies and organizations have gotten a lot of extra to think about and relate to. Therefore, we feel it is important for us to convey that it is SO easy for you to get started with PinToMind’s information screen solution. With PinToMind, you do not need to have a complete plan in advance, and you do not need to have any prior knowledge! Our Digital Signage system has been thoroughly tested and prepared with the strong idea that you should save time on information sharing. In addition, we are here to help if any questions arise! On our support pages you will find useful and clarifying articles and our friendly customer support staff is always ready to answer your questions. We are passionate about making information work both easy and safe for you!

It's so easy to get started

Try PinToMind for free and without obligation

You don´t have the physical screens in place yet? Don’t let that stop you from starting a free trial. You can start small and when you discover new uses and possibilities, it is easy to upgrade the solution, if you so wish. You can actually get started by testing our solution on your own computer. Try PinToMind for free and without obligation for 30 days and get access to all functionality at once!

Contact us if you have any questions!

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