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PinToMind at traditional and quality-conscious cornerstone company

Published 06.10.2020 by Favo
PinToMind at traditional and quality-conscious cornerstone company

There is full activity, at the Gilje window factory, an ordinary Friday in August. The manufacturing of windows in all stages of production is conducted at the many work stations. And in between wooden frames and window glass, paint and machines, the staff can with a quick glance at an information screen stay up to date with the latest news of the workplace.

PinToMind at Gilje tre 2

Users of PinToMind’s Digital Signage since 2011

Jon Harald Tune, Financial Manager and HR-Manager at Gilje window factory can tell you that they were early to switch from information on paper to digital information. - In a large company like ours, with so many employees, the need for information is great, so this was an important investment for us, he says and refers to the fact that they already in 2011 acquired 6-8 info screens and started using the Digital Signage solution from PinToMind. Today they have 10 screens, and most of them are located in the production premises. In addition, they have a screen in the reception area, and the latest addition of screens is a nice looking screen in portrait mode, providing their visitors with necessary information in the newly renovated entrance area.

PinToMind at Gilje tre 3

Traditional family business

At the Gilje window factory, a solid, Norwegian craft tradition goes hand in hand with a future-oriented and modern production. At the start in 1948, the five Gilje brothers tried their hand at everything from clogs to chairs. But it soon became clear what they were to invest in, and since then, Norwegian-produced quality windows and doors have been the specialty and branded product from Gilje. Today, the family-owned company in the small village of Gilja has around 200 employees who produce 120,000 windows a year.

PinToMind at Gilje tre 4

Good information flow brings commitment

Jon Harald tells about committed employees who are passionate about the craft, the work and the company. A key to this is an open organization with a well-functioning information flow, he says. - We believe that it contributes to a sense of ownership, and commitment to the workplace.

On the info screens, they post internal information about everything from order intake to how the company is positioned in relation to different objectives and production targets. - I think it is a way to build and strengthen the positive commitment that we see in our company, he says.

PinToMind at Gilje tre 5

HSE and infection prevention via info screen

In addition, the information screens in the production premises are also used to inform about health, safety and environment. - We display posts regarding HSE all the time, says Jon Harald, and adds that infection prevention information has also been an important theme in the posts on the screens recently. He admits that there has been a lot of tension associated with the pandemic in recent months, but emphasizes that they have done well. - We are grateful for that, and we have had a rock-hard focus on keeping us all healthy, he says.

PinToMind at Gilje tre 6

A stable and simple solution

Jon Harald has had the main responsibility for managing the content on the screens since they started using the PinToMind information screen system nine years ago, and during such a long time he has gained a lot of experience.

– First and foremost, I must say that PinToMind is perceived as a very stable solution, he says. - It is our experience through all these years. He also explains how easy the program is to use, and says that they have had a minimal need for assistance and support.

PinToMind at Gilje tre 7

Solution-oriented with a focus on users

– I must also say that I have appreciated the way we have been treated by the team behind PinToMind, when we on some occasions have expressed our ideas and needs. This is without a doubt an advantage compared to solutions from the giant companies, he points out, and praises PinToMind for being solution-oriented and keeping up with its users, which of course we think is very encouraging to hear. - A nice “strip” on our screens is the weather forecast, Jon Harald comments in the end. - Especially when it’s sunny, he adds with a smile, and would like to ask for more of the sunny days. We at PinToMind want to do everything for our customers, but that request is one we can not promise that we can do anything with 😉

Info screens for all target groups

An information screen can be adapted to different rooms and venues and to all kinds of target groups. There are so many possibilities.

Are you also looking for an easy way to share the information that is important to you, your visitors, customers, students or staff? We always offer a 30-day free trial period, so you can see if our Digital Signage solution suits your information needs.

Get started today, by creating a PinToMind account here. Good luck!

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