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ASUS Chromebit Auto Update Expiration

Published 23.09.2020 by Favo

Google reports that from November 2020, ASUS Chromebit will no longer be updated automatically, - the devices get what Google calls “Auto Update Expiration” (AUE).

Can be used, but will not receive updates

Our Google partner confirms that the devices that are already in use can continue to be used for the time being. However, the devices will not receive updates, which can present challenges in the long run. You can read information given by Google here.

We are working on finding a replacement

Chromebit, which for a long time, has been an easy and good option for many of our customers, is no longer produced and no longer for sale. We are working to find a good replacement for Chromebit, and hope to be able to present this shortly.

In the meantime, we recommend Chromebox for customers in need of a device to help display their content. New Chromebox-models are still coming, and we will keep supporting these the same way we have done until now.

On our hardware-page, you can always find an updated overview over the hardware we are recommending.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions!

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