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Information screens in shops

Published 03.09.2020 af Favo
Information screens in shops

- Screens have their own abitily to catch our attention, Morten Hillestad in the Malerboden paint shop states, while he looks contentedly at one of the information screens in the shop premises in Norway. Malerboden is one of many shops, using PinToMind’s information screens to inform and communicate to staff and customers.

Campaigns and information

Three elegant screens have been placed on strategic locations in the store.

– To us, information screens are a great way of displaying new products, highlighting campaigns and conveying other current information, Morten explains.

PinToMind at Malerboden 2

Professionalism and commitment

Fargerike Malerboden in Norway is a family business with great knowledge and passion for paint and trends within construction and interior. Anyone entering the shop always meets committed, knowledgeable and attentive store staff.

– To us, the customer meeting is first and foremost about helping, solving challenges and finding the best solutions. That is what we are passionate about, says Morten.

PinToMind at Malerboden 3

Expansion and floor campaigns on display

He explains that during the last year, the shop has made a major investment in expanding the floor department, so they now have the largest and best floor department in the district.

– We ran a whole lot of floor information and floor campaigns on the information screens after the expansion, and we are very happy with the new venture, Morten tells.

PinToMind at Malerboden 4

Cooperation and division of responsibilities

It is mainly Morten who manages the info screens. - We are good at dividing the responibilities among ourselves, he smiles, and says he believes that it is an important key to being able to be a family of four working together, in addition to two other employees.

– We all have our areas of responsibilites and are experts within our different areas, although of course it is also important for us all to know a little about most things.

PinToMind at Malerboden 5

Quick and easy to update the screens

When it comes to managing the content on the screens, Morten does not think it is a big responsibility.

– It’s incredibly simple, he says and refers to the fact that it is very quick and easy to publish something new on the screens.

– In addition, a lot is updated automatically, for example PinToMind’s info screen solution collects the latest updates from both our Facebook and Instagram profiles, which contributes to some of the content on the screen being constantly renewed by itself.

PinToMind at Malerboden 7

Convenient with weather forecast on the screen

At Malerboden paint shop, they are also very happy that they can display the weather forecast on the screens.

– The weather is something we keep an extra eye on in our industry, especially during the summer when it is the season for outdoor painting, says Morten, and at the same time describes how the variation through the seasons makes a working year varied and exciting. Autumn is now upon us and attention will soon be turned to indoor renovation.

PinToMind at Malerboden 6

Shop locally!

This autumn will of course be a little extra exciting.

– Our industry is not the one that has been hit hardest by the pandemic, says Morten, but of course we are still on our toes to see how things will develop. However, we have experienced that the information screen is also a good tool for informing and reminding about infection control.

– For the time to come, we can only hope that people see the value in spending their money on the local stores and that more people actively choose to shop locally, he concludes. And that is a call that we at PinToMind are more than happy to agree with!

Try PinToMind for free

Are you interested in using info screens in your business? We offer a 30-day free trial period, so you can test all PinToMind has to offer, and see if our solution suits your information needs. You get started by creating a PinToMind account here. Good luck!

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